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Morning spirit,

may we always be in the protection of Allah SWT, in carrying out daily activities, which are always given a healthy body and mind, so that we can compose the words that I will describe today.

Do not forget our blessings and greetings, we present it to His Majesty the Prophet Muhammad, along with his friends.
Today I want to tell the atmosphere of the crowd in the city of Lhokseumawe which is not far from where I live, namely in the North Aceh Regency, Lhoksukon.

On Sundays, the family wants to hold the Maghrib prayer at the Lhokseumawe City Islamic Center Mosque. We travel at 15.40 which is not yet time for Asr prayer. Thus we want to hurry off to get Ashar Prayers at the Lhokseumawe Islamic Center Mosque which is so magnificent in Lhokseumawe City.

And finally we arrived at 17:00 WIB, and could only perform Asr Prayers who went out of congregation.
After we pray, we go to Langan Hiraq, which is adjacent to the mosque, there are various kinds of toys for children, which are a shame to miss, such as toy cars, trains, fishing and balloons, as well as many others like drawing.
Do not forget, of course, available snacks that tempt the tongue, such as Somay gravy, snacks, drinks. It becomes a disadvantage if we lack of money. Many children's toys are once played for Rp. 10,000, except for the kerata we have to pay Rp. 25,000.


It was already late in the afternoon, which required me to look for Maghrib prayer places, which I wanted to congregate to the Jamik Mosque which was not far from Hiraq Square, which took a 10 minute trip.
By the time we arrived at the mosque courtyard, the available parking lot was already crowded, so I had to move to another mosque, the Baiturrahman Mosque, which was also very densely parked.

Finally we were able to get parking and Maghrib Prayers in congregation at the Baiturrahman Mosque.
It occurred to me, how crowded it is that people in the city pray in congregation, whereas in my area it's not like that.
Thus I think, what makes the difference between in the city and in the gampong (village) so that people are enthusiastic about doing congregation.

That's all I can tell about my journey, of course there are many shortcomings in writing. And apologize for any shortcomings.
Thank you


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