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RE: Cats Make Kittens - Trading Rate Reduction

in #neoxianlast year

Hi @catsmakekittens, I hope you and your cats and kittens are well!

I checked my kittens token history in steem-engine today and just discovered I have not received any kittens on Nov 25, could you please check and fix that? Thanks a lot!


Hi @catsmakekittens - seems like its a common problem.. not received exchanged CATS and daily KITTENS

today I received the CATS that I exchanged the 20 Kittens with.
But last few days havent been earning Kittens...

No Kittens today either.. so a little confused

Yeah... I had the same on the 25th & 27th... but got mine on 26 & 28 ...
i.e. Seems every other day is being skipped/missed. Not sure if it's on purpose though.

Has anything changed @catscientist / @catsmakekittens?