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Quality TA thanks for sharing your wisdom

i remember how you asked to get my votes on witness as nobody liked you and your life was ending? wanna me to share those ?

The irony coming from someone who begged for votes from pretty much everyone.

get a life .... ah u cant! :D

Yeah. You are only worth anything because @steempty proxies to you.

Otherwise, you are just a worthless bully.

i didnt use that before as im not an ass but seems u have no honor so want me to show people how u said u wont be able to make any money if i wont vote on u, fuckin asshole ?

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So I'm supposed to be ashamed that I once asked you for a witness vote before you turned into a complete fuckwit? I'm not ashamed of being poor, or that I'd like more money to improve the lives of my disabled kids. I never lost my honour, you're the one about to share private chats from years ago cos you're butthurt over a joke. Que ser sera

@themarkymark @neoxian @azircon @gandalf @blocktrades @theycallmedan @transisto i have proofs of chats where ausbitbank says if hes out of top10 he wont be able to pay for shit and he needs my witness votes. sharing priv stuff is not my way but if needed i will share it to blocktrades/gandalf to verify or you can kick him out of top10 for 2-3 months and see yourself where he goes.

No problem, KC. I will vote for ausbitbank. From what you said seems like a really nice guy! I mean you want me to vote for his witness... right? 😂

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My dick. Suck it

@kingscrown, Looks stable on all exchanges. Looks like Steem is also enjoying bullish trends. Stay blessed.

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