How Being In A Long Distance Relationship Almost Ruined Me Life Psychologically And Completely.

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In 2017 I got into a long distance relationship and it was really toxic for me as a person, it was toxic because I never fathomed how it was going to end because the beginning was quite beautiful. In essence people often yearn for long distance relationships because they can't really find acceptance with the opposite sex around them and it drives them to be totally adventurous From social media and anywhere just to find what it feels to actually be in love again. It happened to me in 2017 and one thing about long-distance relationships is that you might strongly kick against it inwardly as a person but if it would eventually happen to you it would sweep you off your feet unawares and you wouldn't even understand how it came to happen to you.
It can also be beautiful and why is this? I think people who are close to themselves don't always find common grounds to find love amongst themselves this is a ironical when you noticed that someone far away can find love with another person who is far away.
I spoke more about how this relationship almost ruined me psychologically and emotionally I became detached from my friends physically and I was struggling with living my life. However I have learnt a lot of lessons and I have become stronger even more. I have understood that you need some things if you basically want to go into long distance relationship and it isn't all terrible as people would initially tag it

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Very interesting story thanks for sharing with us.
Where did she come from?

She was from the Philippines