Sunset light seen on the western horizon

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The sun shines in the crevices of the clouds.

Good night friends, hopefully all in good health always and always successful for everyone.
Come back again with me on this occasion tonight who will post about the photography of the sun's sunshine.



Friends can all see below how beautiful the sunlight is seen in the cracks of white clouds and visible light in the clouds.
This is really beautiful and very interesting for us to see and live, the beauty of the light when the sun will set because of the bright sun in the afternoon.


If we want to see a very beautiful sunset light, we better to the beach and on the top of the mountain, that's where the most beautiful light looks at sunset.
This includes my favorite light at sunset which is seen in crevices in clouds.


As always, I'm @jasonmunapasee and here's the proof

Proof -of-Sunset light in the gap of clouds.

Until next time...

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GIF provided by @papa-pepper.

Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these Logos for @jasonmunapasee.

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Very beautiful cloud photos. Thank you for sharing

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Thank you very much for the support you have always provided.

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