Photography ~ Natural brightness and coconut trees that look beautiful with the bright sun.

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Good night friend steemit wherever you are.
Tonight I re-posted a post about the brightness of nature with the blue sky.

Friends can see some of the photos that I have taken, nature looks very bright and beautiful, with very bright light.
I took this picture using the Androin Oppo F5 6 Ram camera.



Nature will always look beautiful when the sunlight is bright during the day.
All our activities will run smoothly with the beauty of the sunny nature like this. The view will also look very beautiful.
This coconut tree also looks very beautiful because it is lit by the bright sun and the reflection of the blue sky. All the plants will look very beautiful and shining, this is all caused by the bright sun which makes the lagits so beautiful like a paint painting behind a tree.



On a beautiful and sunny day like in this picture, you can also enjoy the beautiful light of the sunset in the afternoon.
With the bright sun makes the atmosphere on the day will be very beautiful, with a red light at the time the sun will set in the Western horizon.

As always, I'm @jasonmunapasee and here's the proof.

proof-of-Brightness of the sky !!!!

Until next time...

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GIF provided by @papa-pepper.

Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these Logos for @jasonmunapasee.

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Nice. It has been a long time since I lived where there were coconut trees. From the looks of the bright blue sky your weather looks fantastic.

Yeah, thank you.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian