Spring Feelings ... Countdown to the spring ... (Day 2)

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We are one day closer to the beginning of spring. Only 78 days before the spring officially starts.

And while enjoying small sips of my hot chocolate with whipped cream and listening to the sound of my partner playing a game on the xbox 360, I rub my hands together to warm my fingers up a little ... and let my thoughts stray to the coming spring.

Do you recognize that feeling ...

When you see the temperature above 15 degrees for the first time after a long cold winter. That feeling that for the first time after that long cold winter you unzip your jacket again because you are just too warm, and then the feeling that after that long cold winter you are once again sitting outside in the spring sun to drink your coffee. That moment when you suddenly notice that all the birds in your garden are gathering nesting material and that you know that all young life is around you again.

Newborn life around you ...

The day you take a daily ride and suddenly your eye falls on newborn lambs ... that our buzzing friends buzz around your ears for the first time.

Because the spring is not here yet I browse through my photos to share another photo that gives me a spring feeling. And today that is the next photo.


A photo I made in Keukenhof in the Netherlands. Don't ask me what kind of flower it is, I am not a botanist. But I do know that Keukenhof always gives me a real spring feeling. The park is also only open in the spring and is known for its beautiful spring flowers. In particular there are so many tulips to be found. Anyway, once Keukenhof is open, it is really SPRING. And although it can be rainy weather in spring and the nights can be quite cold ... the days are more often filled with a ray of sunshine ... and certainly also with a smile from the people who meet again on the street.

Where in the winter everyone is in a hurry to go back to their own home, to sit warm by the stove ... people suddenly have all the time in the world in the spring. And a talk outside on the street is again the most normal thing in the world. Ah how I wish that time was here tomorrow. But no matter how impatient I am, I have to wait a little longer before spring arrives again ...

For now I'm going to enjoy a hot drink again, snuggle a bit under my blanket on the couch with the dogs close to me and in my mind give the clock of Mother Nature a big move forward ... to be precise, to 78 days later! Because then it's finally SPRING.

See you tomorrow!

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