Spring Feelings ... Countdown to Spring ... Day 3

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Only 77 days ...

Today we are only 77 days away from spring. I know ... it sounds incredibly long when you hear it that way, and yet you will find that 77 days is actually not much. It is less than three months! And in that short time there are quite a few beautiful things to experience that let you know that it is going to get a little better every day.

Probably we get snow and ice flowers first

Yes we are going to get cold. Probably a few days with snow, and maybe we will wake up once that the ice flowers are on your windows, or that the ice scraper may be brought over the car window. But nature will slowly move on to prepare itself for flowering again.

But soon the crocuses will come

And we wake up one day in the morning when the crocuses stand out their cheerfully colored heads above the ground. Then we quickly see the snowdrops and then slowly you see more and more things around you ...

Blossom all around!

Until the moment you walk to the supermarket and suddenly you see the trees in full bloom. For me, that beautiful floral display heralds the real beginning of spring, and it always gives me a super cheerful feeling. It indicates that the cold winter is really going to leave the country and we can prepare for a time when the sun will show itself much more often and we can enjoy pleasant temperatures.

Cool drinks are welcome again.

The hot chocolate can be pushed aside again and the cool drinks such as iced tea and cocktails for the enthusiasts will be ordered again on the terraces that are naturally heated by the sun instead of by terrace heaters.

Suddenly you encounter humans while walking your dogs through the woods.

That time of the year in which everyone is walking around with spring jitters and people are increasingly living outside on the street, the time that when you go for a walk with your dog, you suddenly see a lot people walking in the woods ... where in the winter you could walk for about two hours with your dog through the woods without encountering one single human. That time when people crawl out of their shell and seem to wake up from some sort of 'hibernation'.

I can't wait until that time ... only 77 days ... and then, yes, that time will start again!

What gives you a feeling of spring?

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For me spring starts with 20 degrees C and the sun shining :)

That would be a great start ...