NaturalMedicine Community: A Very Nice Place!

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-I believe this SteemIt Tribe and community should seriously partner up with WeedCash and other communities like PALnet. The war on drugs is stupid and I like seeing that platforms like SteemIt have the potential to eventually get rid of this stupid and pointless conflict. I will post about how I used to grow San Pedro cacti gardens for medicinal purposes and about the benefits of certain meals as medicines. I am trying to make a homemade keto-coffee right now; even though it is pretty hard to create as you may imagine. Follow me if you like having sporadic content about very random topics; I feel like SteemIt is a nihilistic platform as you don´t get as much engagement as you would in BitChute, Minds or LBRY for example; but let´s hope that communities and Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) change this platform and give the power back to the user! Voice is out; I am just waiting for them to accept me into the platform. I'm out. Peace, love and capitalism! :D

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@endless.drugs told me your Discord is bullshit!

We've always had a partnership with Weedcash - in fact, dear @richardcrill helped us set up the NM Tribe when the Nitrous option became available. You'll find quite a bit of engagement with time - being part of communities helps. Using the tag #naturalmedicine and #weedcash together will see your post appear on both, which supports the tag, AND on

If you read through some of our old posts on @naturalmedicine, you'll see a few related to #weedcash.

If you like what we do, consider delegation or following our curation trail on Steemauto. All are welcome to join us on Discord.