Improvement Ideas For Neoxian!

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Well I truly do love Neoxian! It's a very artistic and interesting Tribe in SteemIt to explore and I surely love the fact that it has it's own topic! First I must say that this will be pretty much one of the last posts that you will see in this blog, thanks to the fact that someone at @steemcleaners decided to censor me unfairly! I will delegate my Steem Power (SP) to different bots in order to gain some daily profits and I will also stake all the Tokens I have on SteemIt; since I TRULY BELIEVE IN THE POTENTIAL OF THIS WEBSITE TO BECOME EXTREMELY BIG IN THE FUTURE! I really recommend everyone to join Neoxian. But yeah; in this short ramble I decided to say the three ideas I had! First we must make official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts for the Neoxian team in order to call in more cryptocurrency investors into the SteemIt platform in general! As a second idea I must also advice the Neoxian team to make their own Flote and BitChute official podcasts (WHERE THE CHANNELS WOULD BE USED FOR THAT!); some official Minds, SteemIt, Yours, PocketNet and GAB accounts! When people realize that there are countless alternatives to centralized social media they will come into these platforms alone! No one sells you data to corporations and the government here! I MUST SAY THAT NEOXIAN IS A GREAT PLACE TO POST POEMS, SONGS AND CULTURAL POSTS AND WELL MY LAST IDEA TO GIVE IS TO MAKE CONTESTS, BITCOIN (BTC), BITCOIN CASH (BCH), ETHEREUM (ETH) AND TOKEN GIVEAWAYS THAT ARE THE RESULT OF CONTESTS! THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY! I'M OUT... PEACE, LOVE AND CAPITALISM!

I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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