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RE: Cats Make Kittens - Trading Rate Reduction

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Hi @catsmakekittens @catscientist @catbank,

I have successfully exchanged KITTENS twice:
12/11/2019, 11:05:45 PM @catsmakekittens Sent - 20 KITTENS
12/12/2019, 8:50:00 PM @catsmakekittens Received + 1 CATS

12/15/2019, 11:42:00 AM @catsmakekittens Sent - 20 KITTENS
12/16/2019, 6:44:03 PM @catsmakekittens Received + 1 CATS

I did not receive the 2 CATS corresponding to my last sendings:
12/19/2019, 9:48:24 PM @catsmakekittens Sent - 20 KITTENS
12/21/2019, 1:07:15 PM @catsmakekittens Sent - 20 KITTENS

When will the CATS be delivered? Is the service down?

@catscientist commenting service is still up, promising daily upvotes to CATS holders...


I suspect the project has been abandoned.

I haven't received my cats from the last few days' sending kittens either. I've also sent CATS to my alt accounts, and they aren't getting Upvotes, the Upvote % also hasn't been adjusted in several weeks, and whoever is/was behind the project hasn't answered any questions and/or made any posts in ages.

Thanks. Time to sell!

The cats are sent within 3 days right now, I have always been getting my kittens daily right now too so the cats will come. I know @catsmakekittens does work but it would be nice for them to give us updates and is due to post.

They should also look to get some people or tools to help out with the project and for it to grow! I would be happy to help with just posting to the account to provide the updates now and then, or if they get someone to do so and tell the community what is coming next, plans etc.

A project like that is a lot of work. I hope everyone will have their CATS back.

mmm... my tokens are also a lot of work and yet I post daily on ONECENT, even if there isn't much to say I always update the price and give some bonuses.

I know they mentioned they work, so that could make things harder. It is just a matter of at least weekly or fortnightly so they need to get back to the posting again to keep in contact with the community. Daily posts aren't necessary but it depends on the project, yours is easier to make them.

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Hey @droida

hmmmm, it would appear I need to eat my words.

After seeing @thegoliath's comment I went and checked my ALT accounts and it appears they did indeed get an Upvote increase 5 days ago.

My CATS from sending KITTENS for the last couple of days have however not been processed, and as @thegoliath says: Whoever is behind the project would do well to get some people/tools to assist and/or automate, and some information/communication would be a nice change too.

There's a big lack of communication, it is very harmful to the project.

@braaiboy I normally find the cats to come in on the third or fourth day since the last time they were sent, but all transactions get filled. The other day I had 1 filled the day after sending them off.

I just hope things pick up again after Christmas/holiday period and they get more time to do things. Also to start working on communicating more, even if they write a few paragraphs once a week or 2 weeks, to talk about what is going on and keep showing up things are progressing.