in #neoxian2 months ago

Spent the evening with my cousin for the first time in a few years. It's crazy how time flies. It was a nice evening where we played a couple of video games, got some food and had some nice and decent deep conversations. I always feel weird expressing my opinion but at the same time I'm not, and if anyone is understanding and tolerant of others opinions it's my big cousin. He's had some tough times in his life as we all have but he seems to be on a good track. He's a good hardworking guy. It was very nice to see him.

Work today just gotta grind. I really wish life were simpler or better but that's why I gotta work and just stay focused if I want a better life for my son and I. Lead by example too.

Anyway it's a short shift today and I'm honestly grateful. Just gotta show up and do the job.

Hopefully I'll get to some kind of other post later today after work.

Just wanted to get some thoughts out before work while riding this uber. Sometimes I feel a little anxiety and just rambling quick is helpful.

Have a good one everyone.


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