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RE: Cats Make Kittens - Trading Rate Reduction

in #neoxianlast year

Well, whatever the trading ratio is, I plan to continue accumulating CATS. I know a lot of people seem to be trying to sell their CATS, but it seems to me the better long-term play is to keep accumulating and holding.



Same here

Same here. If you want to mine SE-tokens, this is the best bang-for-the-buck by far.

Those of us who have accumulated a lot of Cats -- we need to be less tempted to blindly sell to the highest bidder whenever we want to make a quick Steem or two. The value of Cats is diminished significantly because of this. For instance -- I saw someone sold today for almost as low as 1 Steem...

Those people don't really care about thier CATS! They probably feed them canned cat food instead of live mice anyway.

(LOL, in real life I am allergic to cats which is why it took me so long to join into the game)