Cats Make Kittens - Trading Rate Change

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Trading rate is now 21:1

Another push on the market has jumped our trading rate up to 21 today. Been a very nice week for adoptions and it's nice to see people still coming into the token and I would love to see @catsmakekittens continue to grow.

There won't be any posts this weekend. I will do my best to process all your trades but it is possible I will be without internet connection tomorrow. If that happens, I will send out bonus KITTENS with any trade on Sunday.


@catsmakekittens - What happens if I did not send the right about of kittens to trade in for a cat? @raymondspeaks caught his mistake. I did not.

Will I get a refund? I have you have a great weekend. Just answer whenever you have a chance.

Yes I sent refunds. Believe you sent in for 2 trades so you still got 1 CATS and 19 KITTENS.

Where can I adopt CATS and KITTENS?
Steem engine?

CATS and KITTENS can be adopted through purchase on Steem Engine.

Every day each one of your CATS produces KITTENS. Those KITTENS can be exchanged for CATS. All you have to do is send KITTENS to @catsmakekittens at the current exchange rate, which is currently 21:1.

I just adopted 1 CAT

Damn. Glad I checked on this! I was just about to send you in 20 lol

Good to see continued progress with your project!

Maybe I'll give out some free KITTENS from my project someday soon.

Have a great weekend. :)