Cats Make Kittens - Trading Rate 24:1

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Good morning everyone one. I have a few things to discuss quickly with all of you today.

Trading rate is now at 24:1.

We had a slight market mishap yesterday when a few of my sell orders expired. I've relisted the drop sell orders and refunded anyone who purchased CATS above the intended sell price. Was a complete oversight on my part that sell orders expire and I will try to check this periodically to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Also had a question about the top market price on CATS. I will always offer more CATS for sale in the same pattern I've been using ie 29 @ 29, 30 @ 30, etc. I'm not sure where the peak for the CATS price is, I initially expected in the 20-25 Steem range but with the momentum we've had on the market lately we could easily exceed that level in the near future.

If you have any questions, please let me know and myself or one of our community members will do our best to get your question answered.


Hello ! I made a post in Portuguese for people from my country to understand the project:
Cats Make Kittens - Conheça, participe e se beneficie! (pt)

Just send you another 24 KITTENS!

Gotta keep accumulating those CATS and KITTENS. =^.^=

I've transferred 24kittens to you, when will I receive 1 CATS token?

Did you get your CATS? I usually get mine around 23:00 to 0:00 UTC time or around 7 or 8 pm Eastern.

Stack those CATS! :)


I think it's quite impressive that the market is supporting 24:1! My little portfolio of CATS is building nicely...

The NEOX upvotes are a nice bonus, too... I think you owe me at least one, but no big deal — I know you are busy!


I was also surprised because in the trade history no cats were bought for 25 but it was at 26 per cat.

Now I understand why this was so ...
I was afraid that the exchange rate could be 26: 1 and my bill would not work anymore ...
but fortunately she is still in my calculated 24: 1