Cats Make Kittens - MARKET CRASH!

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A bit of a market dip yesterday. Not exactly sure what happened but pretty sure it was just a bit of sell pressure and we should recover in a few days. Nothing to worry about because those CATS are gonna keep on making KITTENS.

Not much to report but figured I'd make a post just so everyone knows I'm still out here. Going to be looking at making an addition to the project in the next week or so. Just want to make sure it will work the way I want it to before making any sort of concrete announcement.

I'm a few days behind on updating the voting rules so I apologize if your votes have been lackluster. I will likely make some slight changes to the voting as well, with the halvening of NeoxAg happening right away I want to ensure that everyone is getting as much as possible from our votes.


@catsmakekittens what is the current trading rate?

I have the same question. :)

Last sale was:
2019-10-11 16:29:12 SELL 8.10010

Current Ask/Sell price is 10.0


Is this part of the process automated yet? It could be set up to return KITTENS if the person sends the wrong amount. Maybe also add an auto reply bot to respond when someone replies "!catsmakekittens trading rate" either on any steemit post or just on your posts or your most recent post.

In any case, when you can, please let us know how many KITTENS to send for 1 CATS. I'm ready to trade. :)


That was weird, the KITTENS info popup had the conversion rate deleted - now it's back as before at 24 to 1. Maybe was an SE glitch. I assume the conversion stays fixed at this rate. The rate only changes when a new higher price for CATS is reached. I assume it stays fixed when the price falls, like now.

It means for those buying now, the daily interest remains the same 4%-ish, but for those who bought higher that has come down.

hey, i asked my wife to send my kittens this morning and she accidentally shipped my cats to @ catsmakekittens. I hope that my 24 cats sent to find the way back to me.

10/9/2019, 12:26:21 PM

Transaction ID eabce7a6bb94be56de5e17f8792aff932a79a95e Sidechain Block: 2439559 From: @kaeves4711 To: @catsmakekittens Amount: - 24 CATS

I will try to get this corrected for you right away

Thank you so much... :-)

5 days without a post.
Deeply useless game admin making his own game worse - and he posts nearly every day, so hasn't disappeared.

my bad

Good to see an update. If a new potential player arrives and sees the last post as MARKET CRASH, what are they likely to do? It wasn't about managing the game itself, more the perception to outsiders. Anyway, will jump around a bit till it finds some sort of level. Thanks for bringing some spark of life to a tired token market :-)

Markets go up, and markets go down. I thought about selling CATS at 24 but instead I HODLed :P Seems like a good project and I want to stack more CATS and KITTENS over time. Of course I may take a profit from time to time. Nothing wrong with that, right? :)

Good day to all CATS and KITTENS lovers! <3

hey check out the kitten trade market which really scare the hell out of me. Hope to recover asap

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Looks like some people are getting themselves some cheap CATS and KITTENS!

Well, at somepoint some people had to start taking profits. But there's actually only 7 CATS between the current low price and the 24-Steem rate, so it's not anything huge, I don't think...

The kitten conversion rate never goes down?

I'm not planning on lowering it. I may need to reconsider this under the current circumstances.