Cats Make Kittens - How does this thing work?

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Been getting questions about how everything works with @catsmakekittens so i thought it would be a good opportunity to go over the entire project and explain things for everyone.

CATS and KITTENS and Steem-Engine tokens designed to work together. CATS and KITTENS are both tradeable on the Steem-Engine platform.

Each CATS makes 1 KITTENS everyday. This process is essentially mining when compared with other S-E tokens. To enable mining, you just need to be holding CATS in your Steem-Engine Wallet.

KITTENS can be traded for CATS by sending KITTENS to @catsmakekittens at the current trading rate. The trading rate is set as the highest value that @catsmakekittens has sold CATS for on the S-E market. This trading rate will slowly increase over time. Currently that rate is 22:1.

As a bonus, holders of CATS will receive upvotes from @catscientist. All proceeds from the sale of CATS goes towards supporting our community. We try to give out votes of 10% for each CATS owned. To get these votes, you just need to make posts using the #neoxian tag. Our upvote account has over 135k NeoxAg and is constantly growing.

We have a fantastic community right now and often our community members answer any questions people have before I ever get a chance to. So if you have questions, leave a comment below and we will answer it!


And what if i have zero cats or kittens to start.. how do i start getting them? Also noticed and competing CAT token?

The "adoption" process takes place via purchases on Steem-Engine.

CAT is an unrelated project very different from our own. The two token names are a bit confusing CAT and CATS.

I am writing a post about our community right now. You beat me to hitting the Post button. Keep up the great work!

Just posted:

Hi, are you going to increase the CATS price-points? Been left at 29 for ages; was fairly obvious it would go above this :-)

When there is a fast sale, we assume that the official exchange rate is the one posted in the Info pop-up on SE, right? Now it is still 22:1 but as soon as you notice the recent sales it will go up to 26:1, but not until it is announced?

Only fair way is to do it based off the announcement. Lots of people aren't looking at the market price and either basing things off the tool tip or my posts.

Yes you are right. only when he announces it, then the exchange rate is changed. still you can count on 22: 1

Very nice to see things going as well as they are! And I like the fact that the community just seems to be growing "organically," without too much fanfare or advertising. What I think of as "quick money grabbers" have a nasty way of spoiling a good thing for those who are steadily building their stakes.


hey, I also have a question ...
Now I have 20 Cats, but I only get 100% vote, should not I get 2x100%?

So with my last posts, even if it was two times, I would have actually got 180% vote. so 100% + 80%. (18 cats at this moment)

what I want out of, if I have 15 cats and make 2 posts, then one should get 100% and the other 50% vote. or am I wrong?

It's not really feasible to give out a full and a partial vote each day. I will double check to make sure everything is set for you to get 2 100% votes per day now.

Thanks for the quick answer

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Beautiful project, I already received my first 2 kittens and they are super well, happy and not stop playing, I will gather $ to buy more cats, to generate more kittens that make more cats ... etc ... etc. To infinity and beyond. :D