Cats Make Kittens - Distribution time changes

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The payout time for KITTENS will be changing. This is to help simplify things for the witness that helps us with distribution. So today or tomorrow you will receive your KITTENS at the new time.

I'm also hoping to have a new announcement ready for all of you this weekend so stay tuned!


Looking forward to hearing what's new! Still holding on to my CATS, and hoping you have something good for us!


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What's the conversion rate? 24?
Also, how do I convert them?

just like this.

Thank you

Either way we always get our cats and it is good to get communication about everything!
Question, if I were to make enough kittens for 2 cats, would I just send the 48 kittens in 1 go, or 2 lots of 24? Just wondering for if I get to that amount soon. :)

can send it in one transaction

Today I sent 96 kittens. I always get what I give it for. If you are not sure about this, you can write in the memo how many cats you get :-P

I just saw that I did not send any. I think it's kind of buggy right now