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We are currently in the process of getting the first step of automation operational. CATS have been sent out for adoption as normal but we are going to try our first automated disbursement of KITTENS today. To celebrate this event (and to appease @catscientist) we've decided to announce the formation of the Department of Science. The DoS will oversee the technological research and advancement of our empire. As I've said repeatedly, the first step is getting everything automated.

We have enlisted out favorite witness to help with distribution and you should all get a little message from @untersatz along with your KITTENS today. They help with distribution of a few different S-E tokens and were able to do exactly what we were looking for and we hope everything goes smoothly in getting our first automated KITTENS delivery out the door.

A message from @catscientist

Trading rate remains at 20:1

I'm very happy to be leading the newly formed DoS and I hope we can keep improving everything for all of our community moving forward.

I was a sick kitty last night and wasn't able to get all the voting rules updated, I apologize for that. I'm feeling better today so I have no more excuses for not getting the rules updated tonight.

We still have our weekly bounty on the go. 10 KITTENS up for grabs which will be split among everyone who enters. Write a blog about @catsmakekittens and leave me a link to it in the comments.


Well @catsmakekittens, whereas I might consider writing another promo post for you, I wanted to check in on the FIRST one I wrote 9 days ago, which (I think) was the very first one ever... I don't recall ever getting any "bounty kittens," and that post ran its course a couple of days ago.

Hope the automation works out well... it must be quite a task to keep track of all these CATS and KITTENS manually!


Thank you, I'll sneak you in for this weeks bounty.

Thank you! Appreciate it!


Hi! the "usual suspect" again ^^
I do not wanna spoil anything, but I did not receive any kittens today (yet)...
I mean, even if (because of my "mishap" yesterday) I am not eligible to receive kittens for my "CATS on field trip", shouldn't I have received at least 1 kitten per remaining CATS in my account?

KITTENS haven't been sent out yet. I will investigate to see if we are having issues with the new delivery system.

thx for the quick response!

if it does not work, you can send me a cat instead of my kittens :-P

I also miss my kittens ...
have the kittens been lost on their way home?

Once things are automated I think things will go a lot smoother. I can't imagine managing everything manually.

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It was getting harder everyday!