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I was on my way to work when I saw a flurry of cars with Loaded passengers overtaking me which was something new for me. So I asked a few people around if there was any special ocassion and I was right about it. It seems there is a Mela happening around Haldibari which will last for two days and apparently the gathering is supposed to be enormous and I wouldn't doubt that at all considering the amount of Cars that flew by in a matter of minutes. I was quite interested in this development so I feel like I should go in and check things out.

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What's happening in that direction again? I don't get it :D

From what I understood after speaking to almost 15 people, it's kind of a Pligrimage spot for some people and with that comes a Series of festivals that lasts a couple days. I tried to enter the location while I had a break but bikes weren't allowed to enter and I had to walk like 2 miles to reach the main spot. So couldn't go all in.