P.O.S. Gets $2,000 Fine For Throwing Chair Off High Rise

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This girl was handed a 2,000 dolla fine yesterday for her ever so stupid act of throwing a chair off of her 40+ floor high condo balcony.

The mayor says she should have received jail time. I think both the courts and the mayor have it wrong.

It costs apx $150 dolla per day to keep someone locked up, and its not constructive to the human or to the community. Anyone that's worked in a profession where you need to solve problems know that you need to get to the root cause. Jail doesn't do this, and tax payers pay for it, again and again.

So basically one months rent and community service on the weekend for the next 3 months. That's fucking soft dude!

Toronto mayor said:

“She should have gone to jail,” the mayor told CP24 on Wednesday. “She should’ve gone to jail for enough time to send a message to her and everyone else.”

Jail is the easy yet costly way to make a problem disappear without solving it. Out of sight of mind right, institutions like corrections were established by lazy idiots and what to milk tax dolla. I have an idea, lets spend as much tax dolla as we can while perpetuating the problem so we can milk over and over and over again.

I say give the bitch 6 months in prison!

But you know what, that would cost us nearly 25,000 so how about instead she works that off in the community while instead. Give her some unskilled work for minimum wage, which is $15 an hour. This girl should be good for nearly 1,600 hours of work. Imagine all the ways the community could benefit from 1,600 hours of labour. She could have a chance to connect with humans, that live in the community around her. You know, the people she could have killed by throwing a chair off her 40th floor balcony. Connect with them, serve them, understand they have families and jobs, and friends that would all miss them dearly if they were crippled by the reckless acts of a spoiled brat.

1,600 Hour Of Community Service, No Jail Time..

If my quick math is right she could work 12 hour per weekend for the next 133 weekend. Ok so we know what she's doing each weekend for the next 2 years. Yes two years is a long time but the punishment is contructive, and has to fit the crime.

Her acts could have easily cost someone their lives, a child, a mother,a father, a tourist. Literally any random person walking by at the wrong time could have been killed. If your completely careless and needless acts put the lives of others in grave danger then sever corrective action needs to take place.

This was a bit of a rant

But hopefully at least somewhat constructive. I'm not afraid to rethink how established institutions could do a better job to serve the public.



Better go make her feed the homeless in the soup kitchen, clean the streets, and so on and film it on social media if she wants to be a star. Now if she threw her TV off that'd be ok with me. Seriously, if you're gonna do stupid sh@t do it where no one is gonna get hurt. Take some acid and go shoot ak47s in the woods ;)

exactly! there's a place and time for everything,..!

What ever happened to the crack smoking mayor? He was great. I say that because I lived in Washington DC when Marion Barry got busted with a prostitute smoking crack in a hotel room. His response? "The bitch set me up!" Which actually was true. The city was flooded with "The bitch set me up" tshirts for a while. Truly a man of the people at that time 'cause the city was on crack.

ah yes, Rob Ford, he died of cancer shortly after being re-elected. His brother is however the premier of Ontario, and has done fairly well handling the pandemic..