Original Song by Darren Claxton - Your Plan

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Your Plan

Here's a remix of my song [YOUR PLAN](choon.co/tracks/8bil1ha414/your-plan-david-far-remix) which has been magically reworked and enhanced by my songwriting partner and [Broken Ocean](choon.co/artists/brokenocean) team mate [DAVID FAR](choon.co/artists/davoodfaramarzi).
He added Cello, War drums and some subtle guitar parts, which has really enhanced the whole feel of this simplistic but haunting track. David's production skills are always worth a mention as they just finish everything off beautifully.
The picture is one of my rare hand drawn pieces.


Close now, If only
You shared, the life
Look down, disown me
Wait then, go now

Take back, the harsh words
Rethink, your plans
Headstrong, but restless
Fake smile, a clown

Into the fires,
That burned my lies
Fake dreams and conscience
All, justified

You were a bad little habit
Right from, the very start
Lunged forward and stained my heart
Did you think to stop, and change

Into the fires, that burned my lies
Fake dreams and conscience
All, justified
Maybe your eyes, they show pain.
Maybe your eyes, they show pain.

I hope you enjoyed this track! Thanks for listening, voting and commenting! Your support means so much to me!


Music,Lyrics and Artwork by Darren Claxton - Copyright (c) 2018
Remixed and Produced by David Far for 'Broken Ocean Productions' Copyright (c) 2018

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