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Handbag for #needleworkmonday


Hello! I Wish a great week for everyone!... so today is #needleworkmonday I want to show you another new project


Base made with jeans yarn knitted as basket...


As other Handbag I made before, this one is round loom knitted


The difference is I made all the up part using socks, yes this is other socks project...



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  • Location: Yagua, Carabobo, Venezuela
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Thank you! for the support and comment


Using Jeans is a great idea - that should make the bottom sturdy and durable :)

Thank you! Yes that is the idea... I did before but just its my first using socks... the others before I used t-shirt yarn

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Oh cool! At first glance I thought you used t-shirt yarn for the upper part. I would have never thought you used socks. The bag is so cute! I love how you upcycle! Great work @tahiaarq ;D

Thank you!
That is exactly what I like the most about this bag, it is hard to look the socks..
Thank you for you support!!

Always ~ 😘

That is amazing needle work

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

I am so glad!!!
Thank you so much!!

Lovely project and as always clever idea to use old fabric. Very sustainable. Was the denim fabric hard on the hands? I remember you had a fabric which was not so easy to work with...

Using the jeans yarn that way is not hurting... it is easy and I love the results...
Thank you!!