Needlework Monday__initiated by @crosheille and hosted by @muscara, @shanibeer and @marblely

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Front View

Back View

Hello there my fellow needleworkers. This is another piece of my needlework for the band members but this time, it will be for the upper part only since the one who will wear this belongs to the third sex.

Since their band uniforms are changed every three years, I see to it that it's durable to last until such time that they will change the designs again. In fact, I also did the first one and this is the second batch after three years.

I placed a lining to make it durable and neat looking.

Thank you and I hope you learn something from what I have shared and thankful for @crosheille for initiating this project, as well as its hosts: @muscara, @shanibeer and @marblely. God bless us all.

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Wonderful costume you made, it looks very intricate with the lace and satin fabric.

Indeed, it is. It needs lots of time and patience but it's fine with me. It's a challenge on how far you can get. Lols!

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Your sewing is soooo neat @sarimanok! The uniform looks great! Love the cross matching fabric. This type of satin fabric can be quite tricky to sew isn't it?

Thanks. It's a bridal satin and hard to see but it's the one required for band uniforms Neat and clean finish is a plus too. They will keep coming back to you and you can demand for higher price. It's hard earned my friend and it's worth it

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