Needlework Monday: new hat WIP

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Greetings, fiber friends! I hope y'all have had a good week. This week I started knitting a new hat for myself:

hat 1.jpg
(yes, my yarn holder is an old gelato container)

The last time I knit a hat I did it on circulars, but this time I decided to do it on DPNs (double pointed needles). I actually had to frog my first start because I borked it somehow, lol. But thankfully I was only partway through the first real row when I started thinking, "What have I done?? How?!" ;)

hat 2.jpg

On this take as well, about two or three rows in I realized I had twisted it - which I've done before - but I've done that enough times that I know that at that early stage, I can twist it back and it won't really be noticeable, so rather than frog again, I did that. XD Pretty much everything I make has imperfections in it and I've learned to just roll with it or I'd never accomplish anything at all.

Sure enough, when I look for the twist now, I can only see it because I know it's there when I go around the rim searching for it. You'd never notice it on my head. :)

When I knit on DPNs I also have a habit of inverting it without realizing when I pick it back up again and so I develop unintentional stripes which I actually like because it looks cool. :D So I like some of my "oops" moments. I've already inverted it and made a stripe once so far. We'll see how many stripes my hat has when I'm done. I'm less likely to do it by accident as it gets longer, so I'll probably do it on purpose a few times, too. :)

Can you tell I generally craft by the seat of my pants and don't follow patterns too much? Free spirit knitting? Yeah, that's what we'll call it. :D

Thanks for checking in on my early-stages hat project and stitch on, frens! :)


I'm looking forward to seeing how the stripes look! I like subtle textures appearing in fabrics rather than the obvious colour change used to create patterns.

I like them too, though I also like color stripes. :)

Thank you @phoenixwren, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Oh the twisting, I know this too well. I only use dpn’s for socks and I live in constant fear of twisting the beginning. To be honest I am in general not a big sock knitter, but the slippery and volatile first row of on dpn’s annoys me so much I now start different. I beginn by knitting the ribbing flat and only after this I distribute the stitches on dpn’s... works better for me :-D
And with visible “mistakes” you know my take.... I simply knit on :-DDDD (annoyingly mostly my mistakes are a tad bigger, like knitting the complete wrong size or adding huge darts at the wrong place - means I mostly have to frog in the end or have another garment for the box of shame).
So please go on and be free, no pattern is allowed to tell us how we should knit :-D

Yay, knit on solidarity! :D

I'm so with you on the just leave it and move on! I do undo some things where it is going to notice (or really where I am going to notice and then only if it is going to irritate me because it's not even or something like that), but mostly you can just adjust the next line or cover it with a button. Sometimes I like those little errors, they're like finger-prints of the maker :)

Yes! It's a little human sign, instead of a uniform factory design. :)