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RE: Needlework Monday: new hat WIP

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Oh the twisting, I know this too well. I only use dpn’s for socks and I live in constant fear of twisting the beginning. To be honest I am in general not a big sock knitter, but the slippery and volatile first row of on dpn’s annoys me so much I now start different. I beginn by knitting the ribbing flat and only after this I distribute the stitches on dpn’s... works better for me :-D
And with visible “mistakes” you know my take.... I simply knit on :-DDDD (annoyingly mostly my mistakes are a tad bigger, like knitting the complete wrong size or adding huge darts at the wrong place - means I mostly have to frog in the end or have another garment for the box of shame).
So please go on and be free, no pattern is allowed to tell us how we should knit :-D


Yay, knit on solidarity! :D