Hello hello beautiful people! I am here to share with you about the contest that @needleworkmonday is currently running in!

Have you heard of the #BuildBetter contest by @ecoinstant? It’s a contest supporting things that are being built here on Steem.

During the nomination rounds he asked people to comment or make a post about one organization or company that is building something and locking up Steem. Thanks to @muscara’s nomination we were one of the communities added on to the Master Project List. This reserved us a spot to run for the Grand Prize Pool which is now worth over 1050 Steem!!!

Here’s the nomination by @muscara:

What: Needleworkmonday community
Official account @needleworkmonday
Who: @crosheille
Where: international
Why: I love reading about needlework projects from all over the world and that the steemians there really engage with each other, sharing experiences and helpful tips in the comments.
How: With organising challenges, resteeming posts and making showcase posts with the best project each week, the community brings the participating posts and their authors into the general steem public outside their niche. The community account's upvotes help, too :)

Thank you so much @muscara! 😘


Every week each project has to submit a selfie in the comments of his post. You have to follow the guidelines and post an accurate selfie. This battle to get a piece of the Grand Prize Pool is called ‘THE ULTIMATE SELFI PROJECT BUILDER BONANZA’!

Round 1 - Submit a selfie holding up your project name...


Round 2 - Submit a selfie with project logo...


Round 3 - Submit a selfie, project logo with Built on Steem...


Round 4 - Submit a selfie, project logo, Steem logo (fabricated ones preferred). I did a string art logo using yarn...



As of now these contest rounds begin on Friday and run through the following Friday until the post pays out. Please follow along if you wish :)

I, @crosheille, plan to stay in this battle for the @needleworkmonday community! This support could really help our growing community so that we can reward you better ~

Thank you to @ecoinstant for caring and for his passion in wanting to help growing communities. Also thank you to all of the sponsors that made this prize pool possible ~

For more information on #NeedleWorkMonday and the @needleworkmonday community please visit our FAQs!

NWM Discord LInk.jpg

#NeedleWorkMonday initiated by @crosheille

Hostesses: @muscara, @shanibeer and @marblely

Our Motto: Support & Inspire


I clearly remember when you first told me about #needleworkmonday I researched your post about crochet hats and mitts and I also remember how amazed I was about you looking so beautiful and photogenic. I did not wrote this for a long time: sorry. But seeing this beautiful selfies I had to write it out loud:
Thank you for representing @needleworkmonday And sorry that I did not asked/helped more about this (I have read it in on discord, but was to insecure if I understood this project)

☺️☺️☺️ WOW! Thank you so much for those compliments and sweet words. It means a ton to me and I appreciate your gratitude!

It’s no problem at all, I’m glad I have been able to keep up with the competition. No apologies, I try to never make anyone feel obligated to help. If you ever want to jump in on things like this I would love for you to. You can DM me anytime if you’re unsure the stipulations of the project. 😘

Ooh, that's very exciting and a wonderful set of selfis too! 😎😍😘

Thank you!