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In the midst of my spring cleaning activity this past week, I came across some tote bags, hidden in the deep, dark corner of my closet, away from sight, away from mind.

I could not remember what they were until I opened them, each containing half or quarter baked projects, projects I was working on some years before I joined Steem.I'm sure there are amongst us who have the same "challenge" (I refuse to call it a problem. It is only a problem if we think it is :D)

When I saw them, I was reminded by how I had this grand idea of making throws. Throws because I thought they would be the easiest projects to work on and to complete. After years had passed, they were indeed easy to work on but were tough to complete because I did not have the patience (and still don't) and I am not proud of it.

I had three in mind back then, the first one was to be assembled like a patchwork. I would put a little bag containing the yarn and crochet hook in the car, and whenever I was stuck in a bad traffic (which usually happens during peak hours or when it rained), I would work on them. Easy straight stitches of half double crochets, just keep going, back and forth until a square was completed. Once I had enough squares of different shades of blue and gray yarn, I would join them to create a throw.

The second project was another no brainer, pattern-less because it is so simple that I created in my mind, although I am sure there are similarly published patterns out there, half double crochet project of a striped piece, going back and forth until desired length and keep joining with more yarn until I was happy with the size of the piece:

The third was a mindless knitting project with large needles, stockinette stitches with microfiber yarn. Truthfully, I am still trying to remember what I was planning to do with this piece. It is not wide enough to be a throw but maybe it was planned to be joined with another piece. I quite like patchwork in all forms:

But I am ashamed that I abandoned these simple projects (and many more) in the midst of all the things that were going on with my work and life. And mundanity doesn't work well with me either. I get bored after a while, going back and forth, back and forth, and I suppose that was why I abandoned these projects.

Now that I found them again, I am determined (for now) to complete them. I remember buying this particular set of yarns to work on the first 2 projects and I still have the yarns all stacked up in a box. Maybe I can instead join them now to complete piece. Sometimes, the hardest part is remembering what needles were used, how many stitches were made, how many rows to work. I guess, the only way is to recount the numbers.

I hope to really work on them this year. Looking at them, I think it is doable. I think I have completed quite a bit work. I just need some motivation, a push and some patience to complete them. I wonder what other projects will I find hidden in my treasure trove. I will be sure to share them with you here :)

May the force (and patience) be with us!
Year 2020, a year of completing forgotten projects!

(for those of us who have them hidden in a bag or box or corner somewhere)

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Ok, upvoted and reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Thank you so much to choose us as your witness and curator.

I think most of us have these UFOs deep inside our closets or hidden in corners. There is a sweater and a scarf waiting for me...

Have a !BEER to make the work more easy :)

Oh yes UFOs! Forgot about that term you used.
Thank you @muscara! Lets unleash the UFOs!

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very good


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I think all crafters probably have things like that stashed away somewhere. I know I have a few. I have my beading the Song of Amergin project, the insulated sliding glass door curtain, the Blanket I Will Be Knitting Until I Die. Good on you for taking them up again!!

That insulated sliding glass door curtain, I remember that! And the Blanket! Hello old friends 💕❤️💐

I've been feeling the tug to get back at the curtain project. I need to clean off the table so I can work as it's become a catch-all, so I started to do that the other day and only got a little bit done. Baby steps. XD

I know what you mean ... The great thing about steps is you just keep doing them and you end up in a different place altogether 😎😍

I think it's intriguing when you come across these things, they're almost like unexpected presents 😘 I found three sets of jeans when I cleared my wardrobe over the holidays - one was to repair my house and garden jeans, which are huge and I have to wear a belt to hold them up; and a black straight legged pair which had become too tight, but are now just right and perfect with a new top.
Good luck with your projects 😍❤️💐

It's on, @marblely! I know you can finish these and not at some later time in the year. Pick one, and work on it this week - post about it next week, and keep going until it is done. 15 minutes a day, and you are a winner.

I like the one with the pretty stripes to be first and then do the other two. You will feel so liberated and this will be easy for you. I have already seen so many of your harder projects, and these three will all be a piece of cake. And I know you will inspire many others by your actions so get on it!

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Wow this is nice @marblely

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You can see me smiling and admiring your patience as the first two projects seem to be big and especially the second one, nearly finished: I started a blanket once and after finishing I guess 6 tiles I was so bored I wanted to form it into a cushion and ultimately sewed a sweater out of them 😂😂😂

(I think I wrote about this)

Nowadays I try to remember this experience every time I get tempted to start one of these amazing crochet blankets. I am always in awe that someone manages to finish them.
ANd with the needles size... I also know this problem (sadly) I have one crochet scarf which I really want to finish but I cannot remember pattern nor hook size (ahhhhhhh) and it is a lace project which is not self explanatory. I started it before I joined Ravelry. So, this was the transition to motivate you to make a Ravelry account 😂😂😂 I find it very helpful in remembering wool/hook/pattern etc.
I am looking forward how your projects will develop (could you combine your newer knitted squares with the crochet squares? Would the colours fit? )

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Thank you so much!

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Enjoyed your post and thank you for the motivation. I do have a ‘needlework’ project that I started 10 years ago, no kidding! I am re-opening it, and post in our awesome community. 😊