Twenty five!

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It has been a couple of weeks since my last weaving post but today I have a brand new handicraft that my partner made on her loom. It is a decorative piece meant to be hanged on the wall.


It is made from jute threads while the colorful parts are from wool. Have you ever used jute? It is a wonderful thread, all natural and very strong, suitable for many uses. Not very soft when you touch it, though!









The concept is to make 25 colorful triangles as she is weaving the main fabric. So everything is made thread by thread simultaneously. Kind of a printer that paints the design one line after another but in this case everything is done by hand!


I can never resist to an artistic approach of the loom. It is such an amazing construction!
Anyway a few hours later the first triangles were ready.









And so on, till the last one :)

The last two shots are from our living room where the new weft found it's place on the wall! I hope Fotini will forgive me for the quality of those two pictures. The light was terrible at the time but I really wanted to finish up the post and I couldn't do it without the final result!



You can find my previous weaving related posts at the links below.

Back in business!

Et voila!

All the pictures were taken with my Canon EOS 6D Mark II with a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM lens attached and all the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

Commenting, upvoting and resteeming are highly appreciated!


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This is distinctively exceptional and masterly impressive! I have never worked with jute thread but I love the detail and texture it provides.

The addition of the triangles and the added colors gives it a special touch. As always your photos are magical and very inspiring. The finished project looks remarkable! Thank you for sharing with us again, it’s so exciting seeing the work of Fotini along with your photography ~

Thank you @crosheille, we are glad to be part of your beautiful community :)

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Amazing! Tell her I love it! If you lived closer I would hire you to take shots of my felting process as well, they are impeccable :-)

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That would have been awesome! I'd love to see you working, too :)

Love the weaving and the finished project, especially that the triangles are thicker than the rest :)

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Thank you @muscara, glad you liked it!

Wow! So beautiful I love it! I have worked with jute material longtime ago, I think that was in 1980's, when I was commissioned to crochet bags with simple stitches for an export company but I was not connected to them directly, there was this sub-con lady who brought the materials to our house and picked up when finished. Hmm, at first it was hard to crochet my left pointing finger hurts when I crochet for an hour, when the jute thread passed through tru the skin.

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Yes, jute is quite rough. Thank you for stopping by :)

Wow! And the printer metaphor is perfect. Great photos showing us all how the design grows.

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Ha ha yes, the printer idea hit me as I tried to describe the procedure. I guess Feeny would love to catch the loom, too :)

The hanging weave is really beautiful and I really really love your photos!! The design is simple yet elegant. Is there any symbolic meaning to the triangles and the colours? The use of jute makes the piece authentic. Kudos to the weaving artist!

Thank you @marblely, I am so glad you like the photos!
Many thanks from Fotini, too! There isn't any specific meaning to the design, it is just inspired from African patterns :)

I really like the way you described the process.

Thank you @cassidydawn, I am glad you did!
And welcome in the steem-world :)

Your pictures of the process are gorgeous and it is so fun to see the final result on the wall.

Love the natural light!

Yes, I think the light did half of the job on it's own!
Thank you for stopping by :)

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