String Quilt Process Continued...

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! I didn’t know for sure if my mother wanted to continue taking pictures and explaining the making process of this string quilt. Well she was happy to continue sharing and plans on doing so till the end ;D

If you missed the start of this quilt you can view it here: #NeedleWorkMonday - The Making of a String Quilt!

As I mentioned before this will be my next project to do in our sewing class. We took a break as I was finishing up my mother’s crochet set and she was busy finishing up some sewing for her clients. I’m not sure when I will start one as I need to get my materials for it first.

Anyhoo, let’s continue on to the next steps...


She decided to make eight squares in sets of two for her sample quilt so there are four different designs...






She wanted to added a touch of lace. When stitching the lace, line it up to the seam of the block you prefer it to be on. Pin the lace on the seam and sew it on stitching in the middle of the lace staying on the seam. Do all of your lace on each block until all of it is sewed on.


Make sure to trim your lace even with the length of each block. You don’t want any extra hanging over.


These are 1” strips cut to the length of the blocks. Spread your blocks apart keeping them in order. Depending on how many blocks you have pin some of your 1"strips to every other edge of the blocks but not on the outside edges or not in the middle.



Now sew each one on with 1/4"seam.

Tip: Don't cut the 1"strips even with the blocks until you sew them on.


As you see this is not even with the block. Now that it is sewn on you can cut it even doing the same for all of them. Once cut even press the strips open.



Thank you for tuning in with me again as the process of this string quilt unfolds . I will continue on with more next week!

Stay Tuned ;D

All photos belong to my mother and were taken with her Android.

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Aaaah.. can't wait to see the final design!! You are keeping us in suspense!! :)
Thank you and your mom for sharing each step with us. I like the addition of the lace. It adds some elegance to it.
I realize that quilting takes a lot of time and thought in deciding on the effects of colour combinations, the design, the geometry settings and it is so exciting to see how it turns out after all the hardwork.

Hehehe! I know right! You get to see little by little! 😜

I thought the lace added elegance too. Yes it really does take time and patience in your thinking to figure out the best design. Thank you so much, I’m glad you are excited to see it come together! 😃😉

Another greta post and so much time and love put into this quilt thank you and your mother for sharing this with us


Thank you! I’m really glad she decided to continue sharing the process :)

I appreciate the tip!

I am glad she did as well Have a great weekend :)

Looks intricate and geometric and colorful - everything that's cool about sewing!

I thought the same. Thank you!

As I already wrote the last time: I am amazed at the precision you need to sew a quilt. And it is looking better with every step. It is fascinating to see how the colors add up and how details can change the whole appearance of the Quilt. I love the possibilities this opens up (in an artistic way)
I am so looking forward to the finished piece and even more to the one you will make (I am hoping for some pink shades :-D)

Thanks so much for the nice compliments, I am so pleased at the results so far and she is as well.

It is really fascinating watching it all come together! Oh I’m sure there will be some pink in mine!! 😆😎

Wonderful, I love it. I admire the workmanship and the patience, very, very nice, congrats.

Thank you very much! So glad you admire my mother’s workmanship!

Thanks for sharing the steps in the making of the string quilt. it’s going to be lovely with the vibrant colors of the materials.

I’ve never done any quilting but know it is a lot of work but enjoyable. 😊

Absolutely! Thank you for following along and for your nice feedback!

Yes it’s a lot of work but definitely a nice reward in the end ~ 😊

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