NeedleWorkMonday - Making and Attaching Modern Tassels - Tutorial Inside!

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday lovelies! It truly is a happy one for me. I finally finished my mother’s hat and scarf set! Whoo Hoo and YAY!

Instead of doing the traditional fringe on her scarf I wanted to modernize it. I have been seeing these really cute large tassels attached to curtains, blankets, scarves, purses etc. so of course I had to make some too! 😜


Making the Tassels

I think these are just so cute and fun! I put a picture tutorial together in case you wanted to make some too. I must warn you I did this based on what looked like good measurements lol. So I don’t have exact lengths but I do share the process on how I got the above results ;)


Here’s what you’ll need:

- dvd case
- yarn
- scissors (good ones that make a clean cut)
- tapestry needle

First, wrap the yarn around the dvd case. If you like the size I did it was wrapped 70 times around.


Cut a long strand of yarn and weave it under the wrapped yarn with your tapestry needle.


Tie the long strand of yarn in a really tight knot.


Notice how high my knot is? I didn’t tie it tight enough to secure the yarn so I had to do mine over. When this happened a googly eyed needle face appeared on the floor to remind me of my knot failure...


I didn’t let it bother me too much and got back to business.

Now you’ll need to cut all the way across the bottom of the yarn (opposite end of knot).


This is what you should have once you’ve made the cut.


Strangely, as I was staring at this piece I created, Cousin YarnItt appeared...


He only stayed for a moment. Not sure why I was getting these “surpreyes” visits but I had to stay focused to get done.

Next, cut another long strand of yarn and place it behind your created piece.


Placement of this strand depends on how big you want the top of your tassel to be. You’ll need to tie a tight knot in front of this piece.


Once tied, wrap one end of the strand around the entire piece. Then use your tapestry needle to weave in the strand, blending it in with the other strands below. Do the same for the second strand.


This is what it should look like now...


Don't worry about the unevenness of the strands, you will trim those once the tassel is attached to your project.

After I got to this point I decided to make the second one first before trying to attach it to the scarf. As soon as I completed it two more yarn googlies appeared...


I finally asked them why was I getting all of these visits. One of them replied,

We heard through the googlyvine that you were finally finishing your mother’s set after a year. We had to see it to believe it.


Very funny. Someone put my business out on googly street. Oh well back to work.


Attaching the tassels

I didn’t make a triangle scarf which is the style I mostly see these tassels attached to. Instead I made a traditional scarf with a squared end.


First, weave one of the tassel strands through your tapestry needle.


Next, weave the needle across and through the entire bottom end of the scarf. This will gather it up causing it to scrunch together.


Make sure you pull the tassel tight to where it is pressed against the scarf firmly.


Now take the needle back through and across again to the starting point. From there you can weave your needle a few times through the scarf to make sure the tassel is secured and then tie a knot to seal it.


Use your needle to weave in the two strands to blend them with the bottom strands...


Just clip them even with the rest.


Repeat for side two, trim your tassels evenly across for a nice neat finish then enjoy your completed handiwork work :D



I had a lot of fun making these as well as the picture tutorial. My mom had no idea I was making tassels and the look on her face said it all! She is very pleased with it.

I personally like this look better than I do the traditional fringe and will be making my long scarves with these from now on. They make a statement. I thought it made the scarf more interesting giving it a sophisticated look.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you ever make these please do share!

This post is both my #NeedleWorkMonday participation as well as my #googlyeyes entry for the #googlyprize hosted by @googlyeyes. Whoa that was a googly mouthful! 👀😛

Thank You!

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

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When I comment on a post, I am typically doing what I can to add value to it @crosheille. But on this one? Well, as a dumb engineer, I am afraid I have no idea about any of this and, therefore, nothing to offer … 😉

So … I’ll settle for providing a word of encouragement. I enjoyed your writing style and the sense of humor you display in it.

I thought this was clever …

”Strangely, as I was staring at this piece I created, Cousin YarnItt appeared...”

… as I am old enough to have watched the original Addams Family TV series. And enjoyed it (for the most part) …

While I don't know anything about the subject of your post, I do know a bit about the craft of putting a post together. You put a lot of hard work and nice touches into this one. Not sure where you found the time, as your profile indicates you are the home schooling mother of five! 🙂

Keep up the great work. All the best to you and yours, for a better tomorrow! 👍

Hebrews 10:23-25


Lol well I surely thank you for dropping a comment anyway! 😄

Thank you so much for taking the time to give a thorough response. It is truly appreciated when the work and effort I put in is noticed. I am especially glad you enjoyed the funnies I added and understood the references I made.

Yes, I am one busy wife and mother and by the grace of God He allows me to have time to unwind and spend time doing the things I love. I couldn’t enjoy my hobbies and blogging if it weren’t for my husband. He is so hands on with our kids and makes sure I get time to refresh and relax from being a full-time mommy and teacher. It’s not easy but I really push to get all of my chores and duties done so that I can spend time crocheting and writing :)

Thank you for sharing these scriptures. I especially love that one. It is so important to stand firm on our beliefs and encouraging others along the way.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

God Bless You ~

You are kind @crosheille and it is my pleasure to “trade scriptures” with you! Nice to hear how well you and your husband work together, allowing you some time “in here” and elsewhere, as seems best to you.

May our Lord richly bless and keep you both! 😊

P.S. I have doubly returned the favor of your upvote. I truly appreciate the thought behind it. Given the “new realities” of our Steem blockchain, post HF 21 / 22, sadly it is probably not in your best interest to do that. In the future, if and when I post again, if you find any value in what I write, an upvote there would likely be more beneficial to you and your family. We don’t really know each other. I hope this is received in the spirit in which I have written it.


Thank you! May the Lord continue to keep you and bless you as well :)

I appreciate your honestly and transparency. Your comment was taken well. I know this and a few of my close acquaintances here on Steemit have reminded me that upvoting comments really doesn’t bring value to the voter or voted. I’m the type of person that loves responding and appreciates those that take the time to really engage. I get tempted at times and want to upvote several comments but I refrain. :D

Although I do have dustsweeper that helps give the upvote of comments more value, I do understand that it is better to upvote an actual post instead. Thanks again for mentioning this :)

It is sad really @crosheille, as I always upvoted comments on my posts, as well. From my perspective, posts without comments just don't have the same value.

Not sure about you, but ... No one asked me for my "vote" on HF 21 / 22 and its dramatic EIP changes. And ... Here we are! 🙂

Well, I "keep on keepin' on" as time permits. I won't always have something to say, but you can count on me to "drop in," if I do. If nothing else, I have never had anybody tell me, "Nooo, @roleerob ... Stop! I can't take any more encouraging words" ... 😉

P.S. Yes, I have the wonderful dustsweeper service too. Witness @danielsaori went through a lot personally to keep that up and running. Sadly, it's not getting much of a workout these days ...


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Yes it really is sad. I always want to show my appreciation for those that take the time to really read your post and leave a nice comment. So much has changed since joining back in 2016.

Well I appreciate any feedback you take the time to give. Thank you :)

These are so cool and seem very easy to make or you make it look easy, love that you slipped in googly eyes :)


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Thank you! I was hoping to be clear on the instructions. Lol I couldn’t resist slipping in the googlies, it’s been awhile! 😅

Thanks for the tokens!

You were very clear, I remember doing tassels like these for my wife years ago when she couldn't work out how to do them and If I do say so myself they came out pretty good

Oh that’s so cool!

It was fun to do and she was impressed after her failed attempts LOL

I also use a DVD case to make tassels and fringe. Just the right length for most purposes.

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh awesome! Yes they are just the right size!

Oh, yarn!🧵🧶
I spy #googlyeyes 👀
Very cute! @crosheille

Thank you @ninahaskin! I couldn’t resist adding them in! 😄

It wasn't me - I didn't put it on Googly street although they look really cool :)

Lol!! Thank you! 😄

At the first glance I thought you need a hero with a laser sword to make a tassel :-DDDD But than after thinking over it for a minute I came to the conclusion that the dvd must have a different use … And right I am (although I would have liked to see you with a laser sword <3)
I love how fluffy and thick your tassels are, much better than conventional fringes. The set is such a beautiful gift, especially because of the bright green colour with the tad of glitter. Tassels are still on my to-try-list. And Your tutorial is super clear and helpful <3

Lol that’s so funny! We have a few of these Bible Man dvd’s around. It used to be our kids favorite thing to watch.

Thank you very much! My mother doesn’t like small things as she loves going big lol. I knew I had to make them plush enough for her liking :)

Oh awesome! I’m sure you’ll show us once you get around to making them. ;D

Yay to googlyeyes! Hehe. Cool that they made an appearance :D
I love your tassels!! They are so plump! Thank you for showing us how you made them. I am definately going to give this a try.

Yay! Haha! 😄 It was fun adding them in!

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing yours once you do! 😉

heard through the googlyvine

krkrkr... love it :D

Cousin YarnItt looks really cool, too :D

thanks for posting a nice needlework googly cross stitch again!

Haha haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s been awhile since I had some googlyeye fun! I always enjoy participating in your contest.

Thanks for the support and comment :D

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