Making Another Hoodie (Except Cooler) Plus How To Make Hidden Pockets

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Hey guys, I made a post about making a hoodie recently, but I had to show you guys this project because I am super excited about it. I don't know if anyone here has seen this show, but lately I have been into an anime called Seven Deadly Sins, and this hoodie is a model of the jacket that my favorite character wears. I had to make a special shopping trip to get the fabric for this but it was so worth it and now I have extra material. It also has a hidden pocket that I learned how to do just because I wanted the pocket not to change the look of the jacket itself. I hope you guys like this DIY and maybe learn something new.

So, the first thing I did was cut out all the pieces. I used three pieces of light blue flannel for the bottom part of the body. I used two pieces of gold satin for the top part of the body. I also used white fleece to line the inside of the satin because of how thin it is. I used two pieces of navy/dark blue for the sleeves. Two strips of gold satin for the shoulder edge things. Two strips of gold Satin for the front and the zipper. And finally, the pieces for the hood, one piece for each side, one to go down the center back, and a casing for the drawstring all out of gold satin. And a lining for the hood cut out of fleece. Those are all of the pieces I cut out for it. Other things I used: jacket zipper, thread, hood drawstring and grommets.

I was kind of basing my pattern off of where someone else made this hoodie but I still did the thing I did last time where I used my own clothes (and pieces of clothes) to get the shape and size.

Sewing it all together:

Just like last time, I sewed the hood together first. It was pretty simple, I sewed together the three pieces of satin for the hood. Then I sewed the fleece lining together. I put a grommet on each side of the casing. I sewed the lining and the outside together with the casing at the front edge.



Next, I put the patches on the back of the blue body piece.


Then, I sewed the blue between the gold and white on the body pieces.



Then I put one of the gold edging pieces on one of the front pieces. I also topstitched along the seam.

Then I basted around the gold and white and trimmed the excess fabric.

Then I sewed the shoulder seams. I also ironed them open and topstitched along both sides and then trimmed the seam.


Now I had to add the trim thing that is on the character's jacket.


Next I added the sleeves the same way I did last time. Pinning them at the shoulders and sewing them.

Next step I the side seams. Pinning and sewing the sleeves and sides is pretty simple. I did have a bit of trouble getting the gold on one side to line up.

Then I did the hem on the bottom and attached the hood.

So, I kind of used a pattern that someone else had made, to get that jacket. I am not sure who made it but I found this image of it on the internet.


I would give a source of I knew where it came from or who wrote it.

The character I based this off of is Harlequin, from the Netflix original, Seven Deadly Sins. Here is a picture of him:


If I can find some fabric that has the right print I want to make the pillow behind him as well.

So, after making the jacket, I decided that I had to have pockets. But, I did not want to change how the outside looked so I had to research how to put hidden pockets on things. This is what came out of that.


So, I took out part of the seam on one side. Then I cut out a piece of fleece for the pocket.


Then I sewed the piece to the seam and then sewed the sides of the pocket. I used my last bit of no sew hem tape on the top edge of the pocket to keep it from moving away from the fabric. I ironed the seam really well to keep the pocket hidden.


Hope you guys liked this post! And I hope everyone is staying safe, sane, and happy. I send my best wishes to all of you guys. Stay crafty and creative!


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