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I am proof knitting a long lasting baby/kid's sweater in my mind to make a pattern in the near future (hopefully!).

This time I picked 100% wool yarn for 4.5-5.5mm needles. It is a bit thicker than the one I used for my daughter's first sweater, which she wears three winters and inspired me to make the pattern. Yes, I'm happy to see the sweater lasts so long and I would like to share this happy feeling :)

I picked the thicker yarn because it may be easier for beginners to finish a piece quickly. But I found my hypotheses is not 100% right. The sweater I'm proof knitting now is more for deep winter. It may be chunky for spring and autumn.

To knit a sweater for multi seasons, I recommend you to use a lighter yarn. Needle size wise it should be 4.0-4.5mm. Like the following one:

スクリーンショット 2019-12-01 16.26.21.png


The yarn above is the one I used for my daughter's sweater two years ago (during crypto bubble!).

Recently I was happy to find it's still sold at a shop and also online.

So here is my conclusion. Yarn for needle size ...

  • 4.0-4.5mm: three seasons sweater (with cotton yarn, it can be a summer sweater)
  • 4.5-5.5mm: winter sweater

Talking about material, I like to use 100% wool yarn or those with other natural materials. Good for skin and also good for the environment.

You may worry about pilling, but if you select a right yarn, it won't be a big problem. My daughter's has some. I just remove them time by time and the sweater looks fine :)

Ya, there are still a lot to learn. But I'm excited to make my first pattern after knitting for many years!







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Wow thanks c-squared!

This will be an amazing pattern. I love the cable detail and I also love both varieties of yarn (the grey and the brown) both look sophisticated and understated 😍 Perfect to showcase the lovely cable pattern.
And with the needle size: in my view 3,5 - 4,5 are the needles which are the easiest to use. Not too thick which I find exhausting on the wrists and not too small so that’s my fingers cramp. But everybody’s preferences are different :-D
I am looking forward to your pattern 😍

Thank you for the encouraging comment & feedback @neumannsalva! I think my knitting speed is slow and I tend to make a project hibernate when I don’t see the result quickly ... Ja but 3.5-4.5 is ideal when it comes to thickness of a sweater. I’m already looking for thinner yarn on colormart for my next attempt 😆

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