Knitting Convertible Gloves / 指が出る手袋を編んでいます

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Today it's about a pair of convertible gloves I'm knitting right now.

Last year I lost one of my favorite gloves I used for seven years. I take wear and take off them quite frequently for example for using my smartphone, shopping etc. I think this is the cause that I lose my gloves.

Then I came up with making a pair of convertible globes. Convertible globes are fingerless gloves with mitten like finger covers.

I looked up patterns on Raverly but most of convertibles have finger covers attached separately. It makes a line between the fingerless part and the finger cover. I wanted to make them seamlessly connected as I felt like putting a cable pattern on my gloves.

Here comes my experiment. First I made a mitten with a hole on top of palm. After I finished knitting the main mitten part, I picked stitches inside and started knitting fingerless part.


The connection part is not super smooth but it's OK seamless :)


There is no pattern. I put it on my hand time by time and adjusted it. I learned how to make thumb from One Cable Mitts on Raverly and used a cable pattern on Cable Knitting Patterns (No. 48, side cables)

I'll finish the thumb within next days and start knitting right one. I look forward to wearing it especially at outdoor markets and shopping with warm hands.





適宜自分の手にはめながら編んでいるので作り方はありません・・・。親指の付け方はRaverlyのOne Cable Mittsを参考にして、ケーブルはCable Knitting Patternsの48番のパターンのサイドのケーブルを使いました。

これでマーケットで寒い思いをせずに買い物できるかな。冬が近づいているので早々に完成させたいです :)

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Thank you c-squared :) :)


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Suminyan10さんはこれわかってくれそうな気がしました :) 庭つながりだからかもしれませんね。どろんこ系は無理ですが、ちょっとした作業だったらこれしたままでいいので!

At first I did not understand what you meant with convertible mittens... :-DDD because I did not notice the seam. The cable pattern is amazing and no way I would have guessed that you knitted the cap separately. Love them!!! (I wrote you already about the color)

Thanks for the comment @neumannsalva. You are kind 😁 Cable is fun to knit. I feel I’m knitting! Ja I like this kind of earthy colors .... but some day I want to try vivid colors you use.

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ありがとうございます。褒められすぎているような気もしますが!自分で作ると「指を出したい」などここはこうなっているといいなあと自分のニーズに合ったものを作れるのもいいところです :)

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