Another convertible gloves / 指が出る手袋をもうひとつ

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I wasn't 100% satisfied with the convertible glove I wrote about two weeks ago. It shows winkles on top of fingers when I bend my fingers. I think it is because I knitted it with too slim yarn and needles (around 3.5mm). If it's a pair of fingerless gloves, I guess it's fine with slim yarn.

While I was wondering I shall make the right side or not, I found a chunky glove I made last year spontaneously. I made it in one day after I lost one of my gloves to have both hands warm. I liked the chunky fatty glove. Especially mittens looks nicely warm. It fits well to my hand as it's quite fatty.


The yarn was used to be part of my sweater. Unfortunately the shape of the sweater didn't fit well to me so I decomposed it and use the yarn time by time for other projects.


I quickly made a fingerless glove shown on top of this post with the same yarn. I have to carefully pick yarn so that I don't run out of a color somewhere in the middle ;)


No pattern. I made the pattern ad-lib by fitting it on my hand. I learned how to make thumb from One Cable Mitts on Raverly.

I'm quite satisfied with the result of my second attempt so far. I continue knitting it and will have a pair of convertible gloves soon (finally!).




パターンはありません・・・適当に手に合わせながら編みました。親指部分はRaverlyのOne Cable Mittsと同じです。ミトンの指先については、従来の編みかたよりもきちんと指先にフィットさせつつ変な形にならない方法をみつけたのでいずれ書きたいです。

今週仕事を終えてもうひとつ指カバーを編んでとりつけたら完成。子供のお迎え、買い物、庭仕事のおともになりそうです :)

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They look great! Convertibles are on my try-out list, have been for years... Perhaps this winter...

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Thanks muscara! We have tens of years to knit everything we want ... that's good thing about knitting :D

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Thanks bdvoter.cur!

The sweater 😍😍😍 I love the sweater... sigh... bit if it did not fit well its beauty does not help.
And your mittens will be also beautiful. The colours and the thick wool remind me of dark winters full of snow in the North (perhaps I read to much Astrid Lindgren as a child)

I liked the sweater ... But it revive as my bag, mittens etc 😉 I've just thought it may fit to a snow day in deep Black Forest. I had few beautiful winter days when I lived there. Ja now I have to explore North too ❄️❄️❄️❄️