My First Time Knitting a Shirt

in #needlework5 months ago

Hey guys, so I haven't been writing a lot lately but I do want to show you about the project I mentioned in my last post. What I was working on is knitting a shirt. I did not take any pictures of the process however, but I will be explaining to you guys how I did it. I did end up making it too large for me and I will have to give it to someone it will fit. I used a color changing, acrylic yarn that my mum bought for me a while ago.


Above is the front of my shirt that was supposed to be a v neck.


That is the back of my shirt with the heart.

So, before I started this project I did a lot of research. I kept getting confused on how to make the shoulders and sleeve parts.

I ended up casting on and knitting upward from the line across my back right where the sleeve holes were going to end.

I knit a few rows and then made a lace heart with a pattern I found on YouTube.


Once the back piece was tall enough, I cast off most of the stitches except for a handful on each side for the sleeves. I then started knitting one of the sleeves while the other was just on the needles because they were now two separate pieces. I attached another ball of yarn to the second sleeve and knit them both alternately. I made a v neck although it did not end up well. Making the increases for the v did make gathers sort of so the front was really loose.

After I made the v neck I joined the two pieces again and knit a few rows.

After that I cast on a few stitches for the under-arm. Then I started picking up stitches from where I cast on in the back piece. It made a line but it was not very noticeable. After that I cast on more stitches for the second under-arm piece. Then I attached the front piece and made the whole thing a loop.

I knit a few rows and then started decreasing for bust to make the front a little more fitting but still loose.

After that I knit until it was as long as I wanted it to be. Then I made a row that was all knit 1, increase by one stitch. After doubling the amount of stitches I knit for a few rows to make a frill on the edge of the shirt.

I used a cast off that I had never tried before that made little bobbles.

So, that is how I made a shirt that is too big for me. I think my friend will like it though. So, everytime I make a knit pattern I write down the measurements, stitch gauge, and whatever ideas I have for the pattern, in a journal or notebook. Of course, it's not meant for other people to read being as my handwriting is far from the best. I had all of this written down for the shirt but I do not know where I put it.

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post, and I apologise for not posting and for the lack of cool pictures. I would love to here any tips you guys have on the subject as usual. I hope you guys are staying healthy and sane. Keep being creative! Happy HIVEing!


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