Mending The Hole On My Couch

in #needleeorklast year (edited)

Hey guys, so I know I usually do DIY posts, but today I am just writing about something I did. There has been a rip in my couch for a while now but I just put it off until now.


So, I started with just sewing the straight rip with a stitch I don't know the name for.


I went over the first stitch with a whipstitch which is just going around over and over. After I finished with thr rips I started working on the hole.


I put a piece of fabric on the inside of the hole and sewed it in with a whipstitch. Then I put a piece that I got from a friend on the outside and sewed it on to make sure the couch does not fray or come undone. Basicly, I sewed on a square of fabric and then cut the edges. When I sewed the top piece of fabric on I had to make sure I covered the edges with the thread so it all stays together with people sitting on it.


I know this post is kind of short but I hope you guys liked it. My mum was definitely happy I finally fixed the couch. I am happy with how it turned out. It was right where I usually sit on the couch so it bothered me a lot not being fixed.

Thanks For Reading!!


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