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Hi steemitans,

I'm sure you remember that I like reddit. I decided to start my own steem fork and call it neddit. It's going to be like Reddit, but on a blockchain 🤯. I know it's a completely new concept and it's probably going to take a bit of time for you to process it, but I hope your small minds can comprehend it.

I have already mined all the PoW blocks, and so we control everything. We will not use our stake for any other reasons than:

  1. Self-Enrichment
  2. Self-Voting
  3. Voting In Sockpuppets
  4. Voting in proposals

Through this, we will be able to run our "Private Blockchain" so well and will be able to increase price really well.

Hope you'll join in soon, when we release our awesome product.

Kindest regards,
Ned Scott Pizza Innovations IBC (Registered in Panama)

p.s. Get 1 Free Regular Cock with any Small Pizza @ Ned's Pizzeria


That’s sounds good: GL with Neddit! 🤗😂👌


Thanks. Steemy is good project too. Also, ned's pizzeria is cool, no?

Pizza is loved all over the world... one of the many Italian inventions?
Please, accept a bit of !BEER and some !ENGAGE 22 ;)

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What is funny about my super-serious post? Do you not like Neddit? It's good idea, no?

It’s a fantastic idea! My 🤯 for sure...and your guitar gently weeps.

Don't worry, will livestream launch with guitar. No problem. Happy to keep you steemitans happy!

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Why wait 6 months, when you can use it in just a couple weeks? Happy to do a 1:1 swap for STEEMit tokens.

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