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What's up sportstalk fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to thank you all. All the followers, the readers, and the people who supports me in this platform. I just reached 1 Million Sports Power. I consistently write an everyday NBA article here in sportstalk and it's all worth it. I love basketball. I love talking about this sport and as the regular season starts, I think I was one of the most excited NBA fans.

But today, this post is a post of appreciation. I appreciate all the people that helped me reached 1 Million sports power especially @julstamban, @tosyne2much, @rezoanulvibes, @patrickulrich, @talesfrmthecrypt, @fitcoin, @zoneboy, @mindblast, @battleaxe, @scarletreign, @josephace135, @korver, @flipstar.sports, @blanchy.sports, @pouchon4sports and more! Sorry for those who I wasn't able to mention. But Thanks to all of you. I will not reach this achievement without you guys!

I will continue to write every day as long as I can despite my busy schedule. See you around guys! :)



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I also staked 3.3 millions Sports today. I think this platform will grow big in the future! Now is the best time to invest while the price is low :) Congrats on your achievement!

Nice bro! That was awesome. Yeah, I also believe that this platform can grow. And yeah, you're just right in time! How about let's follow each other? I will be adding you up to my auto vote once you started posting. :)


Thanks man!

congrats brother

Thanks bro!

welcome bro.

At last, what a milestone!

Congrats friend ✌️

Yes brotha! Thanks to your autovote! :) Still have a long way to go my friend. Let's keep going!

Congratulations on your achievement!
Keep writing, @dwin0603. Wish you all the best!

Thank you so much bro! Yeah! Let's keep grinding. :)

I'm happy for you dear friend, Keep going man. I will appreciate if i can be one of your autovote beneficiary.

Thanks friend!

Not sure this a wise decision given what we saw on Scorum but Congrats for a huge milestone. Fingers crossed some things will change here. Given my limitted time I will anyway delegate my stake - I hope this tribe will improve. No idea whether any of the tribes will really survive once SMTs go live and the original sports communities such as Scoum really act the way they should. I love the Steem Blockchain but have sincere issues the way several tribes are managed, controlled etc :-)

You have a great point bro. There's a lot of things to consider. But I love taking risks. What happened with scorum is really disappointing especially for those people who invested $5000 or more. But, I love writing about the NBA and this is a place where I can do that. Thanks for dropping by bro. Let's hope that Sportstalk becomes something big

Congrats! I hit that mark not long ago myself!

Nice to hear that bro! I just followed you too and will also be adding you to my auto vote. :)

Congrat to you too. Add me to your autovote

Buddy I'm so happy for you. Congratulations! I believe you've been added to my autovote but I wondered why I'm seeing some of your posts not voted.

Thank you so much @korver! Oh, maybe you accidentally set the limit to only one post per day? Thanks for your auto vote buddy. I appreciate it. :)

Good to see others staking and giving sportstalk a chance. We have nothing to lose but at least see if we can make this work.

Yeah! I'm a risk-taker and I am a huge sports fan. I think sportstalk has the potential to become something big. Thanks Bro. I just followed you and added you up to my autovote!

Congratulations! Keep doing!

Thanks bro! You too! I just followed you and will be adding you up to my autovote! :)

Congrats, glad you are finding your niche and doing well :)

Hey what's up @battleaxe? Thank you. :) How are you doing?

heyo, np :) good, been busy and doing nothing too exciting lol

Great job bro....


Congrats dude! haha

Hey hey hey! What it do baby! Hahahaha (Kawhi Leonard)

Congrats @dwin0603!

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Salamat pre! :)

congrats mr millionaire

whats your 100% upvote vorth :P

Haha! I think it's around 1300? XD