Burr Oak for TreeTuesday -

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Yes, I'm a day late or 6 days early for next week!


This is a burr oak that is in my neighborhood.
I love the way the morning sun was lighting it up!


It is a lovely tree for this house.
The tree is probably around 30 years old.


The burr oak has the largest acorn of any of the oaks that grow in Texas - at least that's what I think.
It is quite impressive, see photos below.


I have been collecting some of the acorns that have fallen to the ground every time I take a walk around the block.
I'm using them for my fall decor.


Large acorn is for the burr oak in my neighborhood, medium size is for our red oak on our side yard and the smallest one is from another one of our red oaks.
Not sure why one red oak produces larger acorns than the other one.

My question for everyone concerning acorns, is why do the squirrels eat them up in the trees and hardly pay any attention to the ones on the ground???

Do they taste better when they are green?
Also the squirrels in my neighborhood seem to like the red oak acorns better than the live oak acorns.
We have hundreds laying on the ground that we have to rake up or just leave to decompose every year.


Burr oak acorn large one and small one is a live oak acorn!

Have a Blessed Day!


October 16, 2019
All original photos

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I never saw those burr oak acorns here. We may not have them. Seems like the tops of those are hairy like. Same here on the squirrels. Maybe on the ground they get too many bugs in them?

That could be the problem! I think burr oaks grow more in the southern states, but I will have to research that.

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The fruits of the oak are quite different from one tree to another. I liked your post and the photos, as always, are full of love for nature, @violetmed.
Greetings and a big hug! Blessings for Daniel. Give me news of him.

Hi @zeleiracordero! Daniel is fine. He tells me he still writes some poems. He just hasn’t posted to Steemit, as you know in a long time. He did publish some videos with a few of his poems to his YouTube channel for awhile. Thanks for inquiring about him. He did meet some wonderful and talented people here on Steemit like you! I’m sending a hug back to you!

Love those large fuzzy acorns L-)

Aren’t the cool @manorvillemike?

Ohhh, I know just what you mean when you say, "the sun lighting up the tree"... that is always uplifting! I like how 'furry' the acorns look on the tree... I haven't seen them like that before! They look like they are wearing leg warmers... lol

Haha, yes @ackhoo!

What an interesting oak -- I have never seen acorns like that. Thank you for posting it.

You’re welcome!

I love burr oaks! There is a huge one in my parents' yard and the acorns are so cool looking. It's almost as if they're wearing some sort of Russian hats. The acorns from ours have a really furry rim, though. It might be a variant.

The biggest acorns I've ever seen were from the Alcornoque trees (cork trees) in southern Spain. They're a type of oak and the acorns are just really long. They stick out of the caps about an inch and a half.

Anyway, enjoy the autumn down there in TX!

Yes, I'm sure there are a few different burr oak varieties! I just love displaying a few in a bowl during the fall! How interesting about the alcornoque tree acorns. Have a great day @fotosdenada!

What a beautiful tree violetmed! A perfect shape to it too and those acorns are huge!