Summer Photo Display!

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About 13 photos here to show you some real beauties.

I have to post early as expecting loadshedding a bit later. The term loadshedding was coined for a total electricity shutdown due to lack of capacity to keep the lights on. And so the nation shall continue to suffer and I don't want to go into the well known reasons why this is so.
Instead, let me show you some treasures!

Note: Photo descriptions are below each photo.


Who needs lights and electricity if the African sun is as sharp as this?


Our first sight of the "Common Dotted Border" butterfly this summer. (I think this is what it is called)


Here he is again and I was delighted to see this early this morning!


At the top of a tree in bright morning sun!


And this is from a different end!


The famous Carpenter Bee also came to say good morning!


This drag decided to come and show me his beautiful colors!


Ever seen a dragonfly sitting on a model windmill?


If you can't see him, here he is!


Here's another one on a plant leaf!


The sun's glow was so great to see as he was sitting on our roof!


Finally, our little Troy came to call me for breakfast!

To spend an early morning in our garden is one of the best times that I can possibly have. One of the tenants is moving out of the complex and she gave us a lot of plants. Another tenant gave us four steel and wire garden chairs that I will restore and paint an avocado green color to blend in with the garden. Soon I will also build a little gazebo in the garden to fend off the naked sun. So, onward we go here in the new paradise.

Note: All photos and words are my own and photos are unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for the visit to a post by @papilloncharity


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Amazing photos... but the squirrel will always be my favourite, over any insect! ☺️

Hahaha, thank you Sir and I think you know that you know that the squirrel is also my favorite.


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Wonderful shots!

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Thank you kindly my friend!

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Thank you for the kind support!

These are really gorgeous captures, reminds me sunny bright summer...

Thank you and that is my idea with the summer posts my dear friend.
To remind all in winter that their summer is on the way after a while.

Such beautiful pictures, especially the ones of the Common Dotted Border butterfly.

Thank you and we are so glad that the more colorful butterflies are now starting to appear, as it is early summer here in South Africa now.
Yesterday I also had a fleeting sight of a Monarch butterfly flying past and I hope to get him on camera sooner or later.
Blessings and thank you once again for your support to our charity blog.

What a great photography man! Love your action with nature.

Thank you my friend and thank you also for the kind curation.
As you can see, I love nature.
In fact, I want to ask @theyeti to also open a #nature channel on Inter Blocks.
Blessings and a good Friday to you!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you for the kind support!

I couldn't image having those loadsheddings but with it being summer your days must be pretty long there now so you don't have to worry about light!

And such beautiful light captured in the photos highlighting those wonderful creatures - up close and magnificent!
Troy has such a sweet face - great companion!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you my dear friend.
No, we certainly don't worry about the light and we cope with the conditions, but it plays havoc with our communication systems, as the signal towers are also knocked out.
This morning it's from 10am to 12 noon.
Glad that you liked the photos.

Gorgeous photos my friend but my favourite still is the dragon fly!

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Thank you Lady Lizelle, it was so great to see the drags lovely colors where he sat on the plant in the brown flower pot.
Glad that you liked the photos.
Hope your Friday is good.


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Thank you!

Loved these! And definitely needed to see sunny summer photos after this week in New England!

Thank you and so glad that I could warm you up a little bit with the summer photos my friend.

As always such fabulous shots and post

Cheers and !BEER

Beer canceled due to a downvote on helpiecake my friend.
So sick of these downvoters.

Ohh yeah I know what you mean just about all of my posts get downvotes, which is frustrating i wish they had to give a reason why they downvote at least

Ah! Only saw this reply now and you know what I am talking about.
Apparently they were bot owners that lost out after the hardfork and they have now opened multiple accounts to downvote all steemians as a revenge attach. I so wish steemit could do something about it.
This is definitely not good for steemit's reputation.

Thats crazy they would do that, I dont like the free downvote thing as people are doing it with no sign of rhymm or reason, not all of course but there is a few of them

Time for steemit to stand up and to make some changes JJ.
This just cannot continue and we should all moan to our witnesses.

Yes I agree, I do understand the logic was to stop junk posts but it is being used in the wrong way by some for petty things in my opinion

So true, their fight is not our fight JJ.
In fact it never was.
Somebody does me wrong, I simply walk away from it, else it will make my life bitter. The wheel turns as they say, no need for me to push it Lol

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Totally awesome photos sir papilloncharity! I am always amazed at the incredible wings of the dragonflies and you get such great shots of them.

Thank you Sir @janton I love to shoot dragonflies, as they taught me photography when I got my first camera a few years ago.
Blessings and hope that you guys have a good week!

So you haven't been taking pictures very long?

Hahaha, no, only since when we joined the TSU site Sir @janton.
Never knew that I had an eye for it and how enjoyable it is.

Oh very interesting, then you found out you had a gift for it!

Yep! Once I hit and missed a couple of dragonflies, I was hooked my friend.
An old european friend told me that if I wanted to become a nature photographer, then I needed to practice on snapping dragonflies.
You can see the result.

How that is probably great advice because they are so difficult to get!

Best advice I have ever had my friend.
The power cuts are playing havoc with our lives and I apologize for the late reply.