Why is the Whale classified as a Mammal, not Pisces ( fishes)?

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There are sure qualities that all well evolved creatures share for all intents and purpose. Mammals all are warm-blooded creatures, they inhale air, have hair, and mothers feed their infants milk from mammary organs. Whales really do these things! Whales are warm blooded, which means they keep a high body temperature that does not change widely when open to the harshe elements of water. Fish are ectothermic and cold-blooded , so their body temperature changes relying upon the temperature of their environmental condition. Whales really inhale air with lungs utilizing their blowholes to breath out! They rise to the top of the water so they can inhale simply like you and me. Fish get oxygen straightforwardly from the water through their gills. Whales even have a tad of hair on their smooth skin, typically on the highest point of their head. Fish have scales. Whales even bring forth live infant whales that will get milk from their mother for nourishment. Fish lay eggs, which should in any case develop into an infant fish. So whales are surely warm blooded creatures.

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