Time to put your feet to the fire! Promote a post bonus

All right folks it's time to put your feet to the fire. We are awarding 10x NATRL and there's 50 STEEM up for grabs!

Hey all you NaturalProduct friends, posters, consumers! Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost a friends post, or even your own post.

We are giving a 10x NATRL award for anyone that promotes a post. It's so simple to take advantage... find a post you like, promote it with NATRL and we'll send you 10x what you used to promote it.

Just hit the Promote button at the bottom of the post. You are helping the whole system by doing so... promoting burns tokens... were going to give you a bonus to do your own burn post, if you want.

We are also going to give away 50 Steem to a random promoter

Here's the original post ...

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Become a supporter. We're looking for like-minded individuals to help support the #naturalproducts front-end project through delegations. Your delegations will help to support contributors and the further development of the front-end. Your support will also allow us to help ensure that the quality of content is high and consistent with the expectations of the community and industry and that posts are rewarded.

You can use these custom links to delegate Steem to us:
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Join us in #naturalproducts on https://www.naturalproducts.today!

The NATRL token is a utility token specific to the NaturalProducts.Today site (based on Steem) used for curation, rewards, and contest promotion. The token price is market-driven and may never have any value.


I already promoted a post with 18000+ tokens good work team looking forward to contribute towards the success of the project.

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Wicked!!!! Yes, we saw... fell off our seats, then danced a little... keep up the fun.