Keep The Mosquito Menace Away With Easy Home Remedies.

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The other day , I was reading a detailed post infact it was 2 part serie by @artemislives on how dangerous the usage of Mosquito coils can be and how to secure yourself from the dangerous mosquito bites with some natural remedies. I loved reading both the post as it contains many useful information. It also has detailed study of pros and cons of different aspect of using Mosquito Coil and it's effects. In case You may be interested in reading both the post here are the links.




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One things very common is that the Asia is always worried off Mosquitos and its effect. They always remain ready to do anything to get rid of the mosquito menace. Not only because it's bites but it becomes a great source of spreading various deadly diseses. Malaria, Dengue, are few which are dangerous enough to take your life.

I remember pulling out our shirt sleeves at the dawn of sun to protect our skin from mosquito bites.The coil/mats/incense sticks available in market is not enough to protect us, infact, they are secondary source of spreading other diseases. They are quite contagious and harmful for health.

In India, many people do believe, planting Neem tree around house may keep Mosquito away, but that not proved to be a full proof option. With more pollution and water logged areas , the menace keep increasing day by day.

So what could be the best solution to ever increasing problem.??

Not sure how effective it could prove to you, but in indian villages people uses some home made alternatives to keep the dangerous mosquito away. They have many alternative


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The first method is quite simple yet I know many feel it is quite harmful. I have seen village ladies collecting "Cow Dung" and mixing it with boiled leftover Tea granules to make a small ball and keep them in Sun soaked for drying. The dry ball is later lit up into flames in evening to create smoke. The blowing smoke outside the house helps to keep the mosquito away at a far of distance.

I know cow dung smoke is quite dangerous for health. But it would be surprising to know in my village people often used to cook food on mud stove and used cow dung for combustion. It was an aged old practices and no one ever had any health issue. I have seen all the aged people and many were perfectly fine even at 80 years and few passed away with normal death. The day we started to make smoke of Cow Dung & Tea balls, we notice great fall of mosquito in and around my home. Even the effect remain till late. Considering the smoke it created, I can assure you we make that only outside and nothing to do inside our home.


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The second alternative that we often used in homes is quite effective with mild sweet fragrances. For that we need 3 item and cost to prepare is less than a cent. To prepare we need

  • Pure Ghee. One spoon
  • Chopped Garlic ,3-4 clov
  • Camphor Powder.

So what my Mom did, she mix all three Ingredient and make a paste of it. Ghee and camphor are combustible. She put them in a lamp and lit it and place the burner at one corner of the house. The sweet smell of ghee and camphor started to fill the room and slowly all the mosquito start leaving the home.

Burning Ghee lamps is an age old tradition in indian culture. May be that's why Indian ladies do evening puja everyday by burning small diyas of ghee , it might keep the mosquito away too.

Anyhow, in both scenario, smoke playes a crucial role in keeping the mosquitos away. Many would find first one might be harmful or hazardous but cow dung holds a significant role in many household and also in Hinduism. It has a significant role in many religious activity especially in South India. It is assumed that by burning cow dungs evil soul ran away from religious place.

I read an article few years ago, where a person become a millionaire by mere exporting dry and scented cow dung in UK USA and Europe. People of Indian origin living in these countries often need cow dings for religious purpose. Having noteasily available , this guy from South India started to export from India and soon becomes a well known businessman.

There are many interesting things happen, and these method to keep mosquito away is effective too. Atleast I feel many would try the second method at home for the mild fragrance of ghee and camphor.

Stay Calm....

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I approve of using natural mosquito repellent!

Yes, big brother I also used to burn coin lately but after the good night comes I never seen that coin again in my house.😊

Better the home remedies far better than what we are in practice

@steemflow thanks for this ... it will be mosquito season coming up soon. This could be a good entry for our current challenge... did you see it?

Seems I missed it....not much active on discord and here...just during some spare time....

Thank you for sharing my mosquito posts! :)

Definitely cow dung is an age old way, but not sure how popular that's going to be in a contemporary setting. :) Burning 'camphor' does smell good and does work, but is not what most people think it is: real camphor is a very expensive wood - far too expensive to burn!! The white "camphor" used now is actually a synthetically scented salt - the safety factor obviously depends on the chemicals used.

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