Gluten-free energy snack ◇ A modern-day hunter/gatherer recipe


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I'm back in the big city, working away before the end of the year... being away from my family is always hard so I keep learning whatever I can. I have been making some "energy balls" for breakfast. I make them the night before to have on my way to work.

I'm not making any paleo or caveman diet claims, but I do like the idea of eliminating domesticated grains... on this path for food and medicine sovereignty!

Here's what i did:

  • Crushed Wallnuts
  • Dried Mint
  • Dried Sumac Berries
  • Cinnamon
  • Dates

I always say never assume anything, but here we'll have to assume that everyone is on the organic diet... 😁. As you may already know, food is important to me and make it as real as you possibly can.



I mix all the dry ingredients and cut up the dates to be able to makes little balls full of deliciousness! The next time I have a food processor handy I'll use that, plus add some coconut bits. Eventually I'll be adding acorns once they're ready too.

I would love to have any suggestions on making these things with ingredients I could find in the wild north east of the United States. If you have any idea of what would work instead please don't hesitate to tell me, I would love to them.

Also try: Naturally glutten-free pancakes... Those were made with acorn meal, but you can change it with whatever you want 😁.


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I love the versatility of bliss balls. You can just chop and change the extras to change the flavours. We like cashews for a slightly sweeter flavour and lemon zest and juice.

Oh nice, I will have to play around woth different nuts!!! Hopefully, I can harvest a bunch of hickory nuts next year too. Thanks

I've heard of hickory nuts, but never tried them. Are they a native American nut?

Dates and nuts.. a marriage made in heaven!

I know right? So good!

Dried berries work really well - cranberries and blueberries. Also pumpkin kernels. NEVER THROW pumpkin seeds.... they are sooooo good in bliss balls. And raw cacao powder. Just yum.

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Another fan of bliss balls here! I just made my annual batch to give out as gifts. I do dried blueberries, dates, almonds and I got fresh pecans this year from the farmers market (they grow well here in Georgia), along with a squeeze of lemon juice and zest. But they really are so versatile! I bet you could easily forage wild berries when they are in season to use for these later. You could also use seeds from pumpkins or other squashes instead of or in addition to nuts for another locally sourced option. :)

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Oh, es una excelente receta, tomaste en cuenta varios factores importantes, wow, te felicito. @senorcoconut

Oh, it's an excellent recipe, you took into account several important factors, wow, congratulations. @senorcoconut

Muchas gracias 😁