Bladdderwrack or Rockweed ◇ Can we eat seaweed sustainably?

Seaweed as food... It's always been an interesting thing for me. I often thought seaweed was widely forgotten about as an edible plant. Or is algae something from a completely different kingdom???

I am not an expert on the subject but it looks as though farming seaweed could be a lot more sustainable than today's mono-crop farming habbits!!!

Turns out there are lots of edible algae in our oceans, some with lots of nutrition, some are super tasty and some are kind of toxic.

The other day, taking a walk on the beach I took a few photos and wondered if this was something we can eat:



Wild food... eating from the wild has been on my mind and I'm even thinking of getting ino hunting in 2020. (Thanks to wild-fed and Daniel Vitalis for the inspiration and giving me the tools to get started in this world of #rewilding!) Seaweed is definitely also on the radar...
I'm thinking this is Bladdderwrack, aka rockweed (focus vesiculosus).
First step, identifying plants... next is finding out which one's are edible.


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I use bladderwrack in my homemade face mask and skin serum because of the high iodine content and collagen building properties. We also use nori to make homemade sushi a few times a month, and my little seedlings love seaweed chips as an alternative to the highly processed, nutrient poor snacks out there. I have often wondered about if the average person could simply harvest and eat wild seaweed - good food for thought in your post 🌱

I think we can, there are people on it as we speak... very little info online thus far but thing are coming up. We pto a ly have to watch out for the water pollution factor, I think.

Check out this awesome interview on the subject:

Oh my goodness this podcast is SO good!! So informative about seaweed - who knew! Plus, the Wild Fed channel itself is FULL of knowledge. We drive a lot, so we listen to audio books a lot. I will now be adding this podcast to our listening list. Thanks! 🌱

If you like Wildfed you will also like Daniel Vitalis's older podcast series... rewild yourself.

I drive a lot too and have been listening to him along with Arthur Haines a lot these days. Super informative in the world of being healthy humans connected to nature again!

Oh great! Thank you so much. I will check this one out too 🌱

 last year 

Yeah I believe those are edible, I'm sure I've seen Chefs and Foodie-types film themselves foraging on the shores and cooking up delights with different sea-plants.

I know the various seaweeds that grow along the southern shoreline of Australia were harvested by the indigenous folk.