Day 59 Garden update

in #naturalmedicine9 months ago

Some pictures in late flower, day 59. @hotsauceislethal talked a lot of shit and said my grow wouldn't go well. Smells ridiculously good to me. Not sure I could be much happier with the way this grow is going at this stage. Lets see what we've got.

These first two are the Fire OG. It's nugs are looking the biggest and fattest. It never experienced light stress like the other plants.

These two are the Larry OG, my favorite in the tent. Beautiful color and bud structure and the smell is just unreal. Lemons, lemons, lemons. Lemon Larry is showing why it's got that nickname.

Above is Jet Fuel Gelato. I'm liking the structure it's starting to form up. The smell is a perfect blend of G6 and Gelato.

These two are both MAC and Cheese, but sisters plants, separate phenotypes. They look very different in their color expression. They have similar smells, but one is more funky sweet while the other is more sweet / floral.


Looks like a very frosty Christmas you have coming. Great work friend 👏👏

Very well done! And if that person is still talking trash you know it's just cuz they jealous!

Or it's because he isn't as good of a grower and Acts like a spoiled child... Honestly.

Worst grower I've seen in a while. He is still mad and flags me for speaking the truth.

At the beginning he just had to over water and really torture the plants. I'm glad they came.back and this plant torturer wasn't able to kill them...

Seems everyone but you recognizes how fire these flowers look. I never over watered, you only think I did because you don't know anything about growing cannabis. This is my first grow, and you will never achieve this quality in your life.

Lol keep making excuses for being a bitch..... You never can be me.

And you kill me... First grow and I can't get quality like that?

Do you even know what pH is? How to adjust it? Might want to learn that before your master grower self appointmented title is firmly established....

So how's my nuts taste since you lick them so much?

You are probably the dumbest grower on steemit, and that's saying something.

Well you would have the experience to judge who is a poor gardener... Look at your example... Hahahahahaha

Fire? Maybe a spark... But quality? Man you don't even have a second grow under your belt let alone making it a year growing ....

Still licking my nuts... Mmmmmm

Hey is anyone else experiencing the thumbnails not showing up?

Maybe the website hates stalkers?

Yeah, what’s up with that? It’s really detrimental to the post when this happens. Can you please look into it?🙏

its the images being too hi res im betting , i think nitrous can only handle so much image size? lol maybe its just something i unno, has it been happening before? @eonwarped will need help looking at it

we can discover ourselves the problem if we analyse the image that is showing up then maybe reverse image search with tineye see if its shows up, maybe we can just look atthe nitrous front end back end, on github, ask @eonwarped lol im sure its nothin too bad its just one image

or is it always the top post ??

Yes, can be so slow! @riverflows


Totally don't smoke anymore but totally appreciate a beautiful picture of such amazing natural medicine! You must be stoked the grow went well - @riverflows xx

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yeah man, thanks, I am very pleased

fuck they all look great, good work - Lemon Larry mmmmmmmm

Thanks bud

I'm positively voting me stalker. Because he learned how to water a plant and actually grew something other than drama....

Still a dumbass and stalker. Good job growing a tiny grow the first time.

At least RawPussy has lost his virginity.

He is still a punk though.

RawPussy thanks for the flags. I'm still voting you. Because I love making money from my stalker...

Great looking flower, and well done post Raw!

Learn to pH your water. Hahahaha. Nice seeing you learned how to water it.

Keep growing maybe in 20 years you will learn how to pull real weight..


No matter how much you hate or flag. You will never have done what I have and will do. Thanks for being the joke of the week.

Love it! You get me.way more attention with your behavior than if you had ignored my simple advise. Oh yeah you sure named yourself right your pride is way raw.

But yeah that's pretty meager of a harvest. So what did you get per plant? Usually I get pretty good pulls with small plants. You might look at the beginning of my blog and bet you can't match the quality and quantity of strains.

Oh that's right.... That's why you are so boastful of your lack of skills.

What's that? Master grower is a self appointmented title to enhance your perceived growing experience.

Hers your participation trophy... Hahahahahhaa

Your problem is you don't grow good quality

You are a newbie. Just got on here. Just started growing. You aren't even fit to lick my balls.

What a joke. Got anything better? How about you show the same lack of attention to your plants that you do the rest of your life.

Pretty pitiful. But hey we always have to have the example of a douche... Which you pull off very well good ma'am...

By all means we can talk about this in person one day. Bet your weak spine will have different words coming out of those lying and ignorant lips.

I've grown more weed last year than you did. Hell I grew more weed last year than I've ever grown... So by all means talk to me when you can manage a real farm. Let alone actually pH the water...

Laughing stock of the growing world...

You seem real mad that my first grow is better than anything you'll ever grow.

Lol why all the flags? You jealous that your petty bitch behavior is not working?

Oh yeah someone sounds like he is really jealous...

But yeah you can't grow shit. And that's exactly what your grow is. And a tent? Can't even build a room?

When you gonna learn to feed your plants right. Let alone know what toxicity and deficiency is...

So how's my nut cheese taste? Never had a stalker so committed to loving my work.

Loser grower and total ego. Looks like you put in a lack of effort and it shows.

Keep growing bitch. One day you might get to an apprentice grower... Lol we are all laughing at your attempt at "quality".

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