Chopped after 63 days

in #naturalmedicine9 months ago

One plant was over ripened, a couple were ready and one could have gone a bit longer, but I decided to take them all down. It will be interesting to see how they end up different due to their different levels of trichome ripeness. I'm pretty happy with the look. The first day the smell was so terpy it made you nauseous. It's died down a bit and started to smell more planty. From what I've learned that's a natural part of the drying process. I have my environment dialed down into 65-75 degrees F, typically around 70 and ~50% RH. Couple more days and we'll trim these bad girls up and take them off the stalks for a couple more days of drying on racks, then to the curing jars.


Very well done for a first crop. I knew youd do well on the growing game. Congrats and merry xmas ya filthy animal. lol.

Thanks blunt, I'm pretty happy with the look, now to see how the finished smell / flavor profile are in about 35-40 days

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