Making Moringa Powder

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I am now growing older and need to control everything for my health. So far I have no major sickness but the pain my knee is here. It's normal for me since I had been working for how many long years. I am so grateful that this is the only pain I had. I'm monitoring my sugar and blood pressure as well for awareness. It's not easy to be sick while working and away from home.

Though my health has no problem but I am maintaining this herbal which I only found in my garden. I am living here for 22 years and I planted a moringa tree in front of my employer's house. It became a trending to all people around since I introduced it to the Saudia community specifically to my employer and their relatives and friends. I planted it for my viand by making soup out of its leaves and fruits. I never know what the benefits I gained but I just love it because it is our basic food in my country during my childhood life. Making a soup by its leaves, lemongrass, water, and salt alone gave us a satisfying meal either lunch or dinner and even breakfast before going to school.

I arrived here in 1998 and there was a time that I never went home for seven straight years. I missed this kind of vegetables as we considered it. I had a Filipino friend spending his vacation and I told him to bring seeds of moringa.

My employer's house before was a small one and no place for planting of any kind. Luckily, without my knowledge that they were building a new big house. When we visited the area, I requested them to give me a vacant space for flowers and vegetables. Wow! they granted my wish. I said to myself that my seed will be utilized and I could eat moringa again.

Time flies my moringa became bigger and bigger. I let my friends either Filipino or Saudis planted it in their backyard. Every time I trimmed it I just threw it away in the garbage bin.

A big surprised!

The name of moringa in my country is Kamunggay or Malunngay and I never knew the English term on it. I became a facebook user last 2013 maybe and I read about moringa powder. My employer was diagnosed with breast cancer and they were searching for alternative medicament. Then, I heard about moringa that it is really good for diabetes and high blood pressure and even cancer. But I didn't believe before it.

On my side, I always use it as my soup with fish or seashells. When my knee was painful I put a lot of heated moringa leaves. When I got wounded I rubbed it in my palm, when a liquid produced I dropped it to my wound.

My employer was so ignorant about the benefits. Until they read in social media that moringa has a lot of benefits. They called me and show me if it is the tree in front of the house. I searched it on the internet and I amazed the benefit. I made a decision to make it for me and my boss. Then all the family members wanted to have it on their kitchen as one of the spices ingredients in cooking their foods.

Last time, I mentioned it in my blog mixing grounded moringa to a cup of yogurt every day.

Today I will show the simplest procedure on how to make it easier.

How to make moringa powder?

Step one:
° Harvest your moringa leave many as you can.

° Wash it thoroughly and let it dry inside your house(air dry) Do not dry it direct to the sunlight.

° After one week you can use your blender to powder the dried leaves.

After blending the leaves, get a strainer to segregate the tiny twigs from the moringa powder.

° Put it in a dry clean container preferably a glass container. Glass is safe and better than plastic one.

This is an order for the husband of my employer's sister. He used it for his sugar/ diabetes. He testifies that for how many years of using this powder, it really helps him maintain his diabetes and pain on his back. I am the one who supply and he gave me money in return.

In my workplace, because of this tree in front of the house, I became well known here that there is a Filipino maid who introduced moringa and I have it at my employer's home.

I never thought that I could earn passive income to my tree. So I suggest it to everyone that you have to plant it and try it to yourself using as tea or even add it in your cooking just like the other spices you have in the kitchen. I could testify that every time I make a soup, it helps me relieved my headache and cleansed my belly fats.

This is just my true to life storytelling. I am stress today about my gallery that I could not open. I supposed to have many pictures for my travel blog but I could not post a picture from Google back up.

Thank you for reading and I hope it will give you an idea for your health issues. Why not trying this? It has no overdose and no expenses at all.

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It's me @olivia08


I'm 10000% behind you on the moringa powder... amazing stuff! We use it daily in our early morning superfood smoothie. Tastes good and just sooooo full of all that natural goodness. I'm lucky enough to have several trees close by, and so I often add some fresh leaves to our soup after it has finished cooking. Delicious!

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@artemislive, thank you for your support.
Yes, we just add fresh moringa after the cooking. It used to be quickly removed from the fire after adding the leaves to have a better taste.

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@artemislive, thank you for your support.
Yes, we just add fresh moringa after the cooking. It used to be quickly removed from the fire after adding the leaves.

I am unfamiliar with this tree and it's benefits! Thanks for telling me about it.

@melinda010100, maybe it only grows in tropical places. It has good benefits to our body.


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Moringa is a very common plant in Bangladesh. People eat leaves with curry. But never saw to use the dried leaves like this. Looks like a must try thing!

You must try this one and thank you for dropping by.

You’ve been visited by @trucklife-family on behalf of Natural Medicine.
Thank you for sharing with us all your wonderful experience with Moringa and how easy it is to make the powder. I really wish they was some trees growing near me.

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Nice hear this and so much appreciated @naturalmedicine
Keep it up and spread the use of natural way given God to us.

I love putting fresh moringa leaf in sambar and chutneys. It's such a versatile tree.

Oh! That's great. I thought I am the only one eating moringa in steemit.

saludos. En mi país, también se llama moringa. Es muy famosa por sus múltiples usos en la salud.

I love you amia @gertu

Malunggay pangpahaba ng Buhay...@olivia08

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moringa is Kamunggay or Malunngay,
moringa really good for diabetes and high blood pressure and even cancer.
I have also heard of it.
your knee would pain,
you need to walk,
But don't run.

Wahahahajahahahahaha! CHEERS!

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Hey @olivia08, here is a little bit of BEER from @cloudblade for you. Enjoy it!

Have the tree at home, but it's been a longtime I used the leaves or anything from it

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