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Natural Medicine has always supported the sharing of wisdom and knowledge about organic, natural, healthy alternatives to mainstream medicines that may be harmful to ourselves and the earth. We have been sharing and supporting people who are exploring such alternatives for well over a year now on Steem, and absolutely LOVE what you guys come up with in response to these challenges!


When we asked the collective what they wanted for the next challenge, someone suggested making our own version of a store bought product. We love this idea - it is the kind of challenge that is about resilience, sustainability, self reliance and, because it BEGS us not to use chemicals OR to buy in to unethical companies who would have us pay a fortune for something we can do ourselves. We love it so much we ran a similiar challenge a few months back to great reception.

@trucklife-family's own sentiments in her post this week really captured what most of us at Natural Medicine feel:

that has always been my goal on here, I want to connect, I want to build community, I want to help empower others. I want to inspire, just as I have been inspired, I want to be part of the wonder cycle that happens on here, where we help to educate and empower one another through the many ideas and skills that we share.

Yes, yes and YES!

Of course, there are many ethical, wholesome alternatives we can buy from businesses that DON'T cost our health or the earth (businesses we should support, if we can) - just because it is 'produced' does NOT mean it is 'bad' - but this challenge is a 'make it yourself' challenge.

Some Ideas

  • weedkiller
  • deodorant
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • painkiller
  • first aid cream
  • health drinks, powders or supplements
  • paint stripper
  • bath salts
  • dehydrated camp food recipes
  • fertilisers
  • a tea blend

We would especially love to hear from people who are EXPERIMENTING for the first time with making their own 'product'!

Please do not try to mimic a company product EXACTLY, especially if they are a 'natural', ethical company themselves. Some excellent companies are trying to make a living from this very thing and we must respect and honour their efforts.

However, as you make your own product, consider:

  • what has stopped you from doing this before?
  • what did you learn as you researched 'how to'?
  • what struggles did you have?
  • what made the previous 'product' worth replacing? Expense? Ingredients?
  • is there any science or research that might enrich your research?
  • did you succeed or fail? What advice would you give others?

Remember, it is the journey that matters! You don't HAVE to be an expert!

We welcome posts that:

  • add VALUE to steem
  • are original
  • are well formatted with original photos.

Every entry will recieve LOTUS and for every LOTUS issued, we will burn the same amount. The more you enter, the more value you may bring to the token!!

Don't forget:

  • Resteem this post... all resteems earn 0.25 Steem!
  • Use the tag #naturalmedicine
  • Post on our front end www.naturalmedicine.io for the chance to win, and burn, 100 Lotus! (Log in with steem keys)
  • Post your link under this post! No link, no entry!

Oh, and if you're wondering what tags to curate? Our curators look at most of these tags and much more! Check out www.naturalmedicine.io for a full list of supported tags.

qi gongketotai chiherbs
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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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woohoo another awesome challenge, I love getting to see what others share and now I am off the think about what I will post about. Getting ready for all the wonderful knowledge that will be shared xxxx

@trucklife-family commrnting here, ahh need to get a hold on signing in and out xxx

Don't worry, I do it all the time!

I can't wait to see what is submitted. This should be very informative.

Hey! Gentleman! Can I use this an entry for the next contest. Believe me, this article is really rare on the internet!


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Sadly, no, it doesn't qualify - partly as it's posted before the contest was announced, and partly as it doesn't show a homemade, DIY product, just some information about it. Nice headings!

😢 No problem! While creating this article, I thought @naturalmedicine will love this! I extracted this plant from cores of Mantra maharnav.

But it seems this information is useless for the community.
Sorry to disappoint the community!
Thanks you!

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No its interesting, of course it is! But it doesnt qualify for contest as it was published before the contest. Sorry I havent had mcuh time to read and comment properly.. so much to do!

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I'm going to have to go back and look at my old herbal creations back before I moved to my RV. Calendula and Plantain hand salve sounds like a good one.

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Oh, yes please!!!

New challenge! Love it!

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I use many homemade herbal recipes. Can I use them with method of preparation and advantages, for my entry???

Absolutely!!!!!!! @xabi

LOVED it!!

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I'm working on my #ital post, nearly finished. I hope it will be a valuable contribution to the community. Of course I delegate a small amount too as a token of my appreciation for what NM is doing on Steem.

This is my first attempt at entering this challenge, I hope it fits the bill.

Have a great day!

Never buy chicken broth again, this method is easier than driving to a store.

@naturalmedicine, Kindly find my piece below for your reference team.


Keep up the wonderful work team and stay blessed.

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